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I have been unhappy with the performance of my new SSD hard drive and have arranged to get a replacement / newer version from the retailer, obviously i need to return the old drive to them, and would like to format it before sending it back to them, i am unsure how to do this b/c it is my windows boot drive.
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  1. i should add that i have a windows master disk, and want to basically start from scratch on my new boot drive
  2. You can use the Windows install disk to format the SSD before you remove it, or simply plug it back in as a secondary drive and format it after you do your new install.
  3. Run something like the Ultimate Boot CD from startup. It has options that securely erase the data held on a hard-drive. If data security isn't something that concerns you, fire up the Windows installation DVD from startup and format the drive when you get the screen that allows you to choose where to install the OS.
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