Best GFX card Under 200$ u tell me!!!

What is the best GFX card for under $200?

i was looking at the X850 XT PE - from newegg but its out of stock and has been so for about 3 weeks...

Link Here

any ideas???
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  1. I sell you a geforce2 200mx for under $200. Plays all the latest games I sware.
  2. Well i have seen ati 1950 pros for that much... and this guy just wrote that he has seen a 1950xt for $214 so i mean you have a pretty good choice... If you want to save as much cash... the GF 7600GT
  3. Quote:
    I sell you a geforce2 200mx for under $200. Plays all the latest games I sware.

    sorry I'm not stupid.
  4. the 7600GT is definitely the best for under $200 , but id take a look at the AMD X1650XT , im not sure of the price , but i heard it performs fairly well against a 7600Gt
  5. the X 1950 pro will PWN the 7600 and X1600 so i was thinking X1950pro, or X1900 or 7900 Or 7800? under 200 or under 220? anyone
  6. Quote:
    ...but id take a look at the AMD X1650XT...

    im not sure if I can get used to that. I think I will continue to use ATI as the manufacture untill the brand dies.

    And as for the OP, I know your not stupid... it was a joke.... (its a 8 year old card fgs).
  7. well, you've asked for the best card UNDER 200 ! , those cards are way over the 200 price range! , so , under 200 is the mainstream cards , and upper range is cards over 200.

    and technically , and FYI , they are technically AMD GPU's , not ATI anymore , so dont get mad at me!
  8. Well, Thats ok, I plan on switching to Matrox hi-performance GPU's.... why doesnt tom review those?
  9. Saw a post on Anandtech from a guy that bought a Matrox for gaming because it was the most expensive one they had at the store and he figured it would be the fastest...

    His 3dmark scores were sad.
  10. Matrox is the leading 2d video card manufacturer and their qualty far surpasses AMD / NVIDIA in that realm.
  11. of course i only buy the best of the best and only Matrox can provide the best performance , in games like pacman , duke nukem 2D
  12. Heh you bet.

    Also, I had a Geforce2GTS and a Matrox M400, and the M400 played new games beter.

    Oh well,

    Where is Creative's video cards, like the banche blaster.
  13. hahahahah!

    the banche blaster ,was the only competition Matrox had ! ,

    the guy at the computer store said I could not go past the Matrox though ,

    i think AMD and nvidia better think of something fast , before they go ot of business!!
  14. guys seriously the video cards u recommend suc* and are not even able to run Oblivion so go play Pinball, n00bs. heh. and FYI man ATI still puts their name on the card i have a X1950 XTX and it says ATI not AMD... my pc has all the best. so for now it is still ATI not AMD
  15. lol ive layed down my recommendation , which is the Matrox M400 or the Creatives's Banche Blaster !

    accordingly to tomshardware the benchmarks show the Matrox and Creative GPU's provide absolute best in any game! ,

    the Matrox had the pick to run oblivion!
  16. The evga 7900GS on newegg looks like a good deal. 180 or 160 after mail in rebate.
  17. The Banchee Blaster 16mb 2x AGP card runs oblivion at max settings with 100+FPS MORE then the 8800.

    And its only $19.

    Get it.
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