New PSU?

Hi all
My very cheap 500 watt PSU dosent seem to coping with heat too well only has one fan and i would assume at the price i brought i for it wouldn't be very efficient
so ive decided its time for me to get either a new PSU

so far im thinking
Coolermaster eXtreme Power 650W PSU - ATX 12V V2.01 120mm Fan 20+4pin
but will this be over kill on my system that only need about 400 watts and will it produce unneeded heat or run cooler (this system is not going to be upgraded again apart from hard drives) ?
i plan on using this computer as a sever once i have my new build so i want a psu that is reliable and that i can leave on 24/7
and my budget for this is only about

50.00 GBP= 94.9318 USD
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  1. Give a little more info. What are your PC's specs? 650watts is possibly a bit of overkill, but it doesn't hurt to have too much available power.

    Seasonic, Silverstone, Enermax, Antec, OCZ, Mushkin, Corsair, Hiper, Thermaltake, FSP all make quality PSU's and for $95 you can get a pretty solid 500 watt range PSU.
  2. thanks for fast reply

    my system specs are
    P4 Prescott :oops: 3.4 Ghz ht Old 487 socket
    1 gig ram
    2* 250 gig Western Digital WD2500SE Caviar
    Geforce 6800 GT 128 mb
    Creative Audigy 2 ZS <-- might move to new build though

    also When PSU's have a top fan that is facing down and pulling air upwards into the PSU correct ?
  3. I would recommend this Thermaltake or something similar. That one is a great deal with the rebate.
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