Tom's Hardware: A sold out, washed up ad spam fest.

I'm done here. I've gotten so sick of seeing so many ads stuffed in my face. This is one of the WORST sites for in your face spamming of advertisements i've EVER seen. Tom's used to be easy to navigate, clean, easy to read, and quick to load. It was easy to find what you were looking for.

Now you can't even scroll down a page without drifting your mouse over some crappy pop-up, talking, in your face bold "you've won!!!1" ad.

No smart person clicks on ads on a web page. The sooner advertising agencies learn that the better off the world will be.

As far as toms is concerned, I wash my hands of you. I'll choose another tech web site to refer my customers too. your sell out to the ad companies has crowded me out.

best to you.
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  1. And...
  2. Where is badge?
  3. I'll fill in while he is being "prepped" by wingy.

    Dear methal,

    Thank you for your frank, inciteful, and refreshing comments.

    Here at THG we thrive on the positive and constructive feedback we get from users regarding our website.

    Unfortunately you failed regarding the appropriate approach we expect and as a result you shall be shunned forthwith ... as we have all just completed an Amish Basic Training Course in Community Practice.

    Furthermore, you shall not receive next months free value offer e-mail from Tuan ... which I am pretty sure was a voucher for a couple of free hugs from Oprah.

    May the Cellulitis present in your arms spread warmly.

    Kind regards,


    Resident Forum Pr!ck
  4. So install Ad-block and no script. Solved.
  5. AdBloclPlus--haven't seen a single ad yet, Methal.
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