New build, BAD benchmark results!

Okay so I just built my new system, here are teh specs:

Core 2 Duo e6300 @ 2.33GHz for the moment (running 38c load stock cooler)
gigabyte ga-965p-s3 mobo
muskin ddr2-800 5-5-5-12 running at 833MHz
Geforce 7950gt 512mb pci-e
seagate 320gb sata2 hard drive

Here are my (laughable) 3dmark 2006 scores (1280 x 1024):

SM2.0 SCORE: 2249
HDR/SM3.0 SCORE: 2189

I have all current drivers, latest bios version, etc etc and I cannot figure out what could be the problem? (before I overclocked the computer at all, I ran 3dmark2006 and got 5950 3dmarks, MORE than after I overclocked it!) there is obviously something simple I am overlooking here. Any help/advice would be appreciated. thank you.
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  1. Did you run 3DMark more than once? It could just be variations in the test. Also make sure you didn't have any back-ground processes running while you were doing your benchmarks.
  2. Quote:
    About 5500 in 06? Looks about right IMO.

    I agree.

    When you run 3DMark06, do you use the 'Analysis' or whatever it is to compare your results to similar systems?

    I have

    Core 2 Duo e6600 @ 2.4GHz (stock)
    P5W DH
    Corsair ddr2-800 4-4-4-12 (stock)
    X1900XTX 512mb (stock)

    I get scores of ~ 6150 (1280 x 1024) - and that's apparently #3 out of 18 similar systems. So I don't quite see why yours are so bad?
  3. You can take that e6300 a LOT higher on stock HSF. My e6300 is on the same mobo as yours and its at 3.0ghz @1.216Volts and its rock soild stable.

    Temp is at 34c idle - 50-52c full load. Not too bad. It'll be better once UPS delievers my Freezer Pro 7 =)
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