Need New PSU for Gateway for gaming Help Me

I have a Gateway GT5228 and I need to find a new PSU that will run a Geforce 7600 GTS. I have a 300 Watt now that is running an AMD 4200 X2 2048MB DDR2 a 250GB SATA DVD Drive and a Geforce 6600 PCI-E card(I put it in a month ago to replace craptacular 6100). Will my 300 watt PSU be able to run a 7600? If not what is a cheap upgrade that will run it and that will fit my form factor. I have heard that Gateway uses a special connector that connects to the motherboard that will prevent me from using a non OEM PSU. Is this true? I dont care if upgrading voids my warrenty.

Thanks a million.....
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  1. I think your current PSU is fine, it is only a few watts more than your current setup.

    mark84 @ forums "]7600 GT _________}}}}}}}}} 36W ²
    7600 GS _________}}}}}}|' 27W ² (underclocked GT)
    6600 ____________}}}}}}|' 27W ² (GDDR2 model)

    Let's see how it looks...

    eXtreme PSU calc"]System Type: Single Processor
    Motherboard: Regular - Desktop
    CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ 2200 MHz AM2 Windsor
    CPU Utilization (TDP): 100% TDP

    RAM: 2 Sticks DDR2 SDRAM
    Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT
    Video Type: Single Card

    IDE HDD 7200 rpm: 1 HDD

    DVD-RW/DVD+RW Drive: 1 Drive

    56K PCI Modem: Yes
    Front Bay Card Reader: Yes

    Regular: 2 Fans 80mm;

    Motherboard, keyboard and mouse: Yes

    PSU Utilization: 100 %

    Total: 231 Watts

    © 2004 - 2006 and it's licensors. All rights reserved.

    Yea not much room for upgrades but don't forget there are dedicated GPU PSUs that should fit in that unused 5.25" bay, so that's another option to help assist your 300w unit

    Thermaltake W0099RU 250W
  2. Quote:
    Sorry to be ther bearer of bad news here but a new PSU isn't going to work. Gateyaw PCs us propriatary parts. Meaning the motherboard and PSU are of there own design. SO they are not compatible with standard ATX motherboards and PSUs. Though the power connectors look the same it isn't. You will end up destroying the motherboard with a new PSU. Your best option would be to buy a new motherboard and a PSU. Though it seams this will be out side your budget.

    That simply isn't true. I personally own a gateway, and installed a new 500W power supply in it. I even emailed gateway tech support, and they gave the power supply i bought the O.K.

    To answer the original posters question, the 300W power supply you have should work pretty nicely with the 7600GT, as long as you don't have lots of other peripherals connected. Some 7600GT cards (the PNY one i think?) only recommend 300W anyways, so you should be fine.
  3. You should not need to upgrade your supply as it is actually has closer to 400 w of rated output plus an additional 200 w 12 v rail for your add on video card. I'm running an OC 7900 GS on the same machine and have no problems. Good luck. :D
  4. Hey will a 7800 GT run. The guy with the 7900 sais he can run his on a 300 watt will the 7800 gt work?
  5. A 7800gt may run, but I wouldn't risk it. Theres a good chance it would work fine, but also a reasonable chance that it would harm components of your PC. I wouldn't go higher than a 7600gt with a 300W power supply, but it is your choice.
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