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I am nearing the end of my research and I am almost ready to take the final plunge. I am building a new pc from scratch and some of the final choices are flummoxing me. So far I got a good deal on a case, antec p180 ($70) and I am hoping to nab a samsung 225bw at circuit city on friday for $279. I know it is not the best but it is great for size and price. My budget is $1500 give or take. So the guts, I have decided on,

asus p5b-e or p5b-deluxe mob
Core duo 6600E
2 seagate barracuda 320gb

This leaves me with the ram, power supply and graphics card to decide. I figure for power I will probably need around 500-550w leaving myself some room to grow. I have been looking at corsair xms2 ddr2 800, but they are pricey (even with the 40$ rebate on new egg) and I am hitting my limit fast. For the graphics card I was thinking of a geforce 7600 gt. Then I need a keyboard, and dvd/cdrom.

Where I really need help is the power supply and ram. I am going for the cheaper xms2 ram (240 after rebate) Is there a cheaper but equally reliable brand? What is a good power supply? Yeah I know noob questions. As a last note I will be running linux, I have checked and the jmicron controller bit is fixed in the new kernel (2.16.18-2) so the mob will work.

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  1. I can't imagine spending $1,500 on a self build and not having something better than a 7600GT. I'm under $750, but not buying a case. You have some more expensive parts there, maybe a bit more quality, but still... I only say this because you are on a semi-tight budget. $1,500 ain't bad, but it's still a budget.

    If you don't mind, list your parts with links or prices. It'll make it easier on the rest of us when trying to help out not having to go look everything up.

    1st off, I'd drop to the 6400 and OC to 6600 specs or beyond. Do you really need 640gigs of hard drive space? Maybe can trim down there to save some for a better vid card. Something along the lines of a 7900GS ($179 before $20 rebate) or X1950Pro ($204.99 shipped from zipzoomfly).
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