Printer sharing

I can’t get my printer to work on my client box.

I have 2 puters networked using 4 port linksys router.
Host is win2k and Client is win98.
Printer is hp712c and is installed on host and is operational.
On the host and client I have:
(1) enabled print & file sharing
(2) primary network logon is “client for Microsoft
(3) I have tcp/ip &netbeui bound to ms networks
(4) under hp712c printer properties I have “share” enabled

on the client I have:
(1) setup a network printer using the wizard
(2) path to host & printer was selected using “browse”
(3) printer drivers were manually installed
(4) 712c printer software has been installed

When I double click on the client's “network neighborhood” I can see both host and client. Under the host icon I can see the printer icon but on the client I don’t see a printer icon. Both host & client can access wan.

The printer is on-line and the both the host and client are powered up simultaneously.

However, when I try to print on the client I get a print error that communications with the printer was lost. sounds like the Win98 machine is not making a connection to the printer
Do i need to share my host C: drive?

What is it that I’m doing wrong? i'm lost here. Any help is greatly appreciated
p.s. ok...i went into host(w2k-ntfs)) and shared my C: drive and a few folders/docs. but when i go into network neighborhood on the client (w98-fat32) when i click on the client icon i don't see any of the shared resources. when i click on the host icon all i see is the printer. any ideas on why i can't see these resources? perhaps it's the reason i can't print on the client.

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  1. Not sure if I clearly understood your problem. When I install a printer that will be shared, I pay attention to these steps :

    - I install the latest drivers on the "server" computer (including all the versions that will be necessary for the "clients" computers, Windows 95/98/ME, NT etc...)
    - I share the printer trought the Explorer
    - On the clients side, I browse throught the Network Neighborhood, "Right-click" the printer and select "Install"

    Hope that helps.

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  2. thanks for the help....i'll give your process a shot...not sure i understand when you state that you "share the printer through the explorer"??? can you clarify?

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