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Hello everybody,
I'm new in this forum and i was hoping that someone would help me with a question i have (i already searched google and this forum but found nothing):

My graphics card Gigabyte Radeon 9600Pro (GV-R96P128DH) lately makes a lot of noise(it really starts to sound like i have my very own heavy industrial factory!! :D ).I tried cleaning the fan from dust but nothing changed.The fan gets its power from a 3-wire power cord, so that means that it can be software controled right?I also checked to see if the noise was coming from another fan in my pc but i found the graphics card fan to be the guilty one.

I tried to reconfigure the fan speed from gigabytes utility Vtuner but the software only offers 3 presets for the fan speed : energy,normal,turbo and whatever i choose it doesn't make a lot of difference as far as noise and fan speed are concerned.The temperature that Vtuner shows is 37oC/98oF and the fan speed is between 6026rpm and 6250rpm.(do these readings look normal?)

I also tried ATItool but it doesn't allow me a fan speed change.I even tried RivaTuner (because they say it also supports some Radeon cards) but again with no success(no fan speed change option).

My questions are:
1)Is there anything i can do to change the fan speeds through software?(even if it means changing the bios of the graphics card)
2)Would it be safe for the card to unplug the power cord of the fan and increase the card temp a few degrees (since i 'm not playing any 3d games lately) and plug it again if i decide to play a 3d game?
If anyone knows an answer i would really appreciate a reply.
Thanks for reading my post!
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  1. Maybe the bearing is finally worn out. Most fans uses sleeve bearing and don't last long especially with them high-rpm small fans.

    Get this: you can find it at


    Or you can find then heat sinks for that card and have a total quite cooling.
  2. go get an aftermarket cooler, zalman makes some good ones, artic cooler also, most of the known brands have GPU coolers.
    if you don't play games, why don't you buy a other gfx-card that's passive cooled? you don't need the calculation power do you?
  3. actually, he could get a passive cooler for his present card; a 9600 isn't exactly laughable performance-wise (it's no hot-rod, but it doesn't run very hot either); those coolers can usually be kept from one card to another, too.
  4. Def go for a new cooler from zalman or artic cooling or so forth. FrozenCPU has a lot of options & lists the range of cards they support.

    If not can always swap the card for a newer one that is passively cooled.
  5. If it's only recently i'd say the fan's on it's way out....and i'd reccomend passive cooling too 8)
  6. Thanks for the answers!
    I hoped for a software solution (configuring my fan speed lower) but it looks like i'll have to buy a new graphic card.
    Any sugestions for a decent graphic card with PASSIVE cooling?
    (i play now and then some 3d games but i'm fine with setting the game at lower details as long it plays smoothly)
  7. Nvidia 7600GT with passive cooling should work fine.

    Here is one from Gigabyte

    There are ones available from Asus too and probably other manufacturers too.

    If you prefer ATI, then I can't help you there.
  8. Quote:
    Thanks for the answers!
    I hoped for a software solution...but it looks like i'll have to buy a new graphic card.

    No - you just need a nice new vidcard cooler my friend (or else a new fan for the cooler you have).
    Those little stock OEM coolers are difficult though, with tiny fans spinning ~6000RPM, which is why something like a new Zalman VF700-ALCU for $29 bucks (Canadian) becomes very attractive:
    You don't really want a new vidcard do you? You say you are not a gamer...
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