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Hey all I'm kinda still a no-ob about computers but i just got supreme commander:forged alliance and my pc at the moment sucks i am going to buy a new PC and i was wondering what requirements are best for highest grafics for at least up to a 6 player map,here are some questions i had on what will run the game.systemax SG 1351 gaming PC-core 2 duo E7300 2.66 GH'z,640 gb HD,4 GB ddr2 PC-6400,GeForce 9500gt vista home premium..i was wondering if that would run it on high grafics up to at least a 6 player map?if you need more info ill trie to give it
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  1. Honestly, you might be lucky to run a 4 player map on medium settings with that rig. Depending on your budget you'll need to at least up the GPU to a 9800 GTX if you can, but you’ll see the biggest performance boost from a quad core or high end duel core. Sup Com thrives on a good multi core processor and as for the other hardware, 4gigs of ram should be fine (6gigs would be preferable not more then that) and the hard drive only effects loading time. What does your budget look like and what kind of resolution are you looking to play it at?
  2. well my budget isnt that great im only 16 and has to save but i was thinking around 700 but can push to 900 probably just buying off of ebay,i saw quad corse for around 700-800$ so yea not that great but ill look into it
  3. That isn't much to work with, so I'll recommend you buy from
    They have some great deals and for $875 this setup is exactly what your looking for: (assuming you already have a monitor)

    Feel free to adjust the configurations and let me know if you have any further questions. FYI: Cyberpower does have some great deals, that being said I have had some experience buying from them (although that was quite a few years ago); so make sure you stick with brands your familiar with (or ask me) and don't forget to factor in shipping which will be around a $50 or so.
  4. yea i was thinking,my friend he is like 14 and he builds computers ill probably get him to build me a custom computer with a dual cor 2.6 GHz+ a geforce 9800 gtx lsi ready and im talking just the tower for 700-900 as for i have a friend giveing me a older moniter and a keyboard i can buy for cheip down at the pc place so i think he will be able to build me exactly what i need for under 700$ ,but ill check out the site u said about:D ty for ur answers!!
  5. No problem dude. Let me know how it goes!

    Also, something to consider before you let your friend build it. When he builds it, he can't provide a warranty. So if a part fails, it will be up to you and him to diagnose and repair/replace the faulty part, while you supply the cost of repair. It is cheaper to build it yourself component wise, heck I just finished putting one together myself, but there is significantly more risk associated in a custom home build. I was also surprised how comparable the prices are on cyberpower when I compared the total amount I spent on my new system to one with the exact same internal components I used. Carefully consider your options (time to build vs to order), (software / hardware compatibility risk), (warranty or no) and (price to build vs price to order). Don't get me wrong I'm no spokes person for cyberpower, their customer support left quite a bit to be desired last time I dealt with them, but that was a few years ago; hopefully, they've improved their service since then.
  6. HOLY SHT i just found a gaming pc on the site u gave me for 675$ its amd athlon x2 6000+ it has dual nvidia 9500gt's 4 gb ram all the extras wireless internet modem the works +keyboard and mouse included OMG OMG OMG THATS A AUSOME DEAL I am haveing second thoughts about buildin my own..this one is justwhat i need i may just get it!!!!!!ty soo much
  7. Glad I could help! Let me know how it works out and remember to select a good power supply with that set up.
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