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I recently purchased a DELL computer, which has been nothing but a headache. It is a XPS 400 system, with built in ethernet. The system came pre-installed with no CDS, and when I plugged in the cable modem, nothing worked. It notices the network card is plugged in, but it can never aquire a network address. It will try for a few minutes, then the lan icon has an x over it (limited or no connectivity). I know the cable connection is good, it works on this computer. I even went out and purchased a linksys network card, and installed it on the system (disabled the onboard connection under lan settings) and still the same problem, it can't obtain a network address. DELL has no clue and isn't helping me in the least, the best they can do is send me a whole new system in exchange which is a huge headache. Can someone offer a suggestion?
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  1. Sorry to suggest the obvious but try removing power from cable modem for 30 secs - with PC powered down - then reboot modem and when lights have settled power up PC.
    I think cable modems can get fixated on a specific MAC address (ie. of a particular network card) thus needing a reboot.
  2. No luck. It doesn't seem to be network card itself (since non-integrated network card gave same results), are there any windows network settings to change?
  3. run the internet setup wizard. It will change all your settings to get on the internet.
    Your probably setup for either a static address or a different connection.

    Copy and paste an ipconfig /all screen here so we can see what your setting are. start - run - type "cmd" hit enter - type "ipconfig /all" copy or type in the settings.
  4. okay here's what i got


    host name ..... dupert-etc
    primary dns suffix .... (blank)
    node type .... Broadcast
    ip routing enabled ..... no
    wins proxy enabled .... no

    ethernet adapter local area connection 4

    connection specific dns suffix ........ (blank)
    description ....... intel pro/1000 pl network connection
    physical address .... 00-13-72-0F-00-98
    dchp enabled ........ yes
    autoconfiguration enabled........... yes
    subnet mask
    default gateway
    dhcp server

    hope this gives you a clue, i am still clue-less :)
    ran internet wiz, no luck
  5. try deleting all network connections you have. Rerun the internet wizard.
    This should leave you with 1 network connection, or 2 if youstill have the linksys nic in.
  6. If you just moved the cable modem from another computer to this one you will have to leave the modem unhooked and off for at least 4hrs or more to allow the mac address to reset in your ISPs servers. That is what they do in my area and I wouldn't surprise me at all if they do it elsewhere too. They hold onto the last network card you hooked the modem into so you cant move it around all the time. It will only issue an IP to the network card with the mac address it has recorded. You will have to leave everything unhooked for quite some time or call the ISP and let em know you got a new comp so they can reset it.
  7. I agree with Folken. It's rare today for an ISP not to lock in MAC addresses for security, DHCP leases, etc.

    You can also call your ISP and have them release your MAC address hold. Just tell them you switched out your Network Card and they'll refresh it for you. You'll probably need to power cycle the modem and then you'll be back online.
  8. right on! thanks for the suggestions, i am now online. it was a power cycle / router issue, thankfully the helpful techies at linksys actually knew what they were talking about, cause the "helpful" techies at dell had no clue. anyhow, thanks again to everyone who offered their input
  9. Most computer companies have a policy against giving out info on routers and ISPs. They probably knew but couldn't tell you. Years ago when I did that kind of tech support I was constantly red flagged for telling people about routers, the benefits, etc.

    Linksys techs are good. Dell techs tend to run off scripts and really are clueless when it comes to giving actual help outside the paperwork handed to them.
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