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I have had my NEC ND3500A for about 2 years now but it wasnt untill last week i started to investigate why the burning speed was so slow. I have always thought it had something to do with my harddrives. But now I know that it doesnt, the HDDs are using UDMA5 and the burner is only using PIO.

I have tried every possible solution without any result. For example I have deleted secondary IDE controller/channel and the only thing that happens is that Windows doesnt want to start. I get as far as the loading screen and there it freezes (waited up to 5min+. Should it take that long to find the sec IDE controller?). Ive also tried messing around in regedit. I know what im doing (but im starting to think i dont :) ). No result there either. And of course I have tried with the most simple solutions, changed from 80-pin to 40-pin and back, switched master/slave pos. etc and soforth.

Yesterday plugged the burner into my other comp. and it worked fine(UDMA2). So that should eliminate the possible hardware problem.

What should i do?

My specs (kinda old :P)

AMD XP 1700+ (1,47? GHz)
512 ddr
Msi motherboard Kt266 pro 2 (both of my computers. The other has raid ,not in use though)
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  1. have you tried putting your boot HDD only one IDE0, and your Burner, on its own, on IDE1, each set to Master on their own ribbons.

    Does that speed up burning? :wink:
  2. You might want to update the firmware of the drive.
    Make sure the secondary IDE Channel is set to DMA.
    Make sure your pins are master/slave as is the case.
    Make sure you are using a 80 wire IDE ribbon cable.
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