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I have a Radeon X850 to put in my Dell Dimension 4600. I was going to install it when I noticed that my current video card (a Radeon 9800) was giving me problems on removal. The 4 pin power connector attached to it will not come out of place. However, it will wiggle back and forth. Does anyone have an ideas on what my problem is?

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  1. Turn the power off. Unplug the cord.

    Use 2 pairs of small (needlenose) pliers, grab one connector with each. Wiggle and pull firmly but not crazy hard all at once.

    I know it sounds simple, but I'm serious. Sometimes those 4-pin Molex's can be a #&*$% to get loose.

    Also make sure your wires aren't butted up against something or stuck. Don't knock anything on your mobo when you use the pliers....careful.
  2. also, look to see if there is a release lever. i have a pci-e card and there is one for that, but it sounds to me that you have an agp card. i have never used one, but it still might have a release lever.

    if not, the previous advice is good, you just have to yank them apart. if you use the pliars properly you can pull as hard as you want, as long as your not pulling in the wrong places, ie. the wire itself or the card.

    good luck
  3. Good point. Don't yank with pliers to get the card out.....I was talking about the power connector. The release tab on the card slot...yes....look for that first if it's the card.
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