Tons of issues after upgrades, PLEASE help :)

Hello everyone, I'm feeling helpless right now and cannot find answers anywhere online. Could anyone PLEASE give me a hand? THANKS!

I just upgraded my computer. I put in:

AMD Athlon 64bit 3400+ (venice core)
A8V Motherboard

What it already had:

1 Gig DDR 266MHz ram
Maxtor Harddrive
Radeon 9600XT

When I put the new hardware in, I also did a full reinstall of windows, just to start off fresh.

Well, after all the MS updates, driver updates, bios update etc. The stupid thing is having TONS of issues. I also installed java and flash. Also I installed the network driver that came with the motherboard.

I keep getting mss32.dll, mshtml.dll, kernal32.dll errors. Internet Explorer 7.0 crashes so often it's almost unusable (I'm posting this from work). Mozilla crashes almost the instant I open it (sometimes it will let me go to a website for 2 seconds, then crash).

I can't find any solid answers online and I'm going crazy.

The computer also sometimes will just completely reset, no error, just a hard reset.

I had no problems playing Lord of the Rings 2 at max graphics.

However when I tried Heroes of might and magic V (much less graphic intense) the game would crash every time. Granted sometimes it runs for 10 minutes before crashing and sometimes 5 minutes. This makes NO sense to me.

My uncle purchased knights of the old republic yesterday -an older game. And I figured I'd see if that ran ok. With that I get another error (something to do with my display driver). I have heard this is a known issue for that game so I'm sure it's not related to the other issues i'm having.

I just want to be able to use this stupid computer and I'm so confused. Any help would be MUCH appreciated.

Also I have read that SP2 can cause problems for these cpu's? I have a hard time believing everyone that has a similar cpu doesn't run SP2 though...?
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  1. Here's what I would do:

    First double-check all the connections to the motherboard: fans, cabling, cards, cpu, etc.
    Run Memtest to make sure the RAM is fine.
    Then I'd RMA the motherboard, then CPU.
    Before starting the RMAs though, couple of questions for you:

    Did you install XP with SP2 or did you upgrade to SP2? I prefer installing from a slipstreamed XP cd; you can find directions on slipstreaming all over the net.

    When you updated the drivers, where did you get the new drivers? Windows Update, Asus, or straight from VIA/ATI? In my experience, Asus and Windows Update have very dated drivers; your best bet would be to get new drivers for the chipset and graphics drivers from their respective makers: VIA and ATI.
  2. Would I be correct in assuming you encounted erros during your OS install?

    .dll often errors occur if you skip files during the install or if the install disc was a bit iffy.

    Also I used to have a 9600Xt and as soon as I upgraded drivers it went to pieces worked fine with the original drivers that came with it though.
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