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Hi, I am setting up my own wireless lan at home.
I have a Linksys Router, 3COM Switch (8 ports), Win 2000 Server (DNS, DHCP, etc) and 2 PCs connected.Also, one Wireless notebook.

I have activated the Router built-in Firewall, but want to add a Linux based one, that installs directly from CD-ROM onto the host PC. Y should say I will add another PC to my lan, of course.

My question is, how should I connect everything so I can force inbound traffic from Internet to pass along the Firewall first of all, and then get into my LAN?.
I mean phisically, if i connect everything to the Router the traffic will spread along every PC, and this is not what i am looking for, specially with my server!!!.

I thought about putting 2 NICs on my Firewall PC and connect WAN onto one NIC and the rest (Router, etc) to the other, then configure the Firewall.
Is this correct?.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. If you want to use a linux box for a firewall/router you will need two network cards. One will be the wan port for internet/firewall and one will be the lan port for your network. I'd just slap together an old junker computer and put clarkconnect, ipcop, or smoothwall on it.
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