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i am making a HHD enclosure out of wood and was wondering how much the hard drive needs to breeth. its a tight fit in the enclosure and i was wondering if i should cut some slits in the case for air. it wont be on all the time just occasionaly to store info.
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  1. Uh... first and most important question, what are you using for your controller and how are you accessing the enclosure... I'm assuming your either going to run cables from the mobo, or use a circuit board from another enclosure...

    I don't like wood and computer parts, since wood doesn't conduct heat well so whatever you have in there will just be burning itself up. I definitly recommend slits for air, and if possible have a fan blowing through it (although if your ambient temps are low enough, your prolly fine also)
  2. im not sure if this is the right thing to use but im gonna buy an ide to usb cable from newegg. do i need a controller also or just this cable
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