Problem setting up connection to wireless network in stealth

A month ago, I setup my DSL modem (Westell VersaLink) in stealth mode and was able to setup the first wireless connection to an USB adapter that has a connection icon in the system tray.

Now need to setup second PC and am having a problem.

It is an IBM notebook running Windows XP SP2 and it does not see the network at all. From other places that I researched, I should expect to see a network with a blank description.

I have tried many things and spent a fair amount of time on this and would appreciate your help.
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  1. If you have it in "stealth" mode that probably means it is set to not transmit the SSID. Therefor no wireless APs will appear when you search for one. You will have to manually create a profile for your accesspoint. Are you using the thinkvantage access connections on that IBM or just the windows wireless stuff?
  2. Sorry for the delayed response, very busy weekend.

    I am just using the Windows wireless stuff. How do I setup the profile? Is there a good reference where I can review the issues on setting one up?
  3. It is pretty easy to work with once you get going. Just rightclick on my network places and go to properties. Right click on your wireless adaptor and go to properties. Click on the "wireless networks" tab and click add. Then you can enter the SSID, wep info, etc. Hit ok and it should add that location to the list as well as connect to it.
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