cpu/mobo damage?

well. right now, i have a amd 3700+ sandeigo with a abit KN8-SLi mobo, Gskill 2gb ddr500 ram and a evga 7800gtx gpu. i got the 3700+ with intentions of o/cing(2.2ghz oced to 2.75ghz). but i oced with stock cooling, i monitored the temps for awhile and it never surpassed 50C. then one day it blue screened so i put it back to defualt, 2.2ghz. i noticed less performance from when i used the 2.2ghz it just seemed bad. then i oced THE WRONG way and i believe completely killed it. my cpu still works as does the motherboard, but aim likes to load to 85% now. i reformatted my harddrive so i know its not that. CS1.6 lags if i have AIM on. which is ridiculous. so after this dodgy story, i have everything at stock. and my chipset has gained 5-10C from when i first turned it on.

my question is, should i just buy a new mobo and cpu? just a new cpu, or just a mobo? id like to go to dual core... so my other thought was to buy and intel mobo that still uses DDR memory >.< and get the pentium d 945. i need a cheap solution for dual core cause i only got about 250$ to spend, IF that. any thoughts?
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  1. not one opinion on buying a amd x2 or pent d? thanks.
  2. not very high quality boards, but they support the c2d's, take ddr memory, and you can stay in budget with one of these and an E6300. the c2d will blow away the P4's and X2.

  3. thanks, few questions though.

    do i need a new case for a micro atx or will it fit into my atx mid tower?

    also, would lower clock speeds choke my video card? cause i noticed when i o/ced my 3700+ i had HUGE! improvements in my fps on fear. like 40+ frames, i had fear runnin at 90fps steady on max everything, no soft shadows though. at defualt it was runnin at 40-60fps. with the E6300 its only at 1.8.. problem?
  4. even though the C2D is clocked lower, performance is still alot better, im going to let somebody else explain why.

    what case exactly? some full atx cases can take micro atx boards, some dont.
  5. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16811156164 that sexy little monster right there ;)

    thinkin the e6400 would be a better purchase then the e6300. just something about being in 1ghz, just doesnt feel right to me :P
  6. If you can get the money for the e6400, I think it would be better than the e6300, but that's just my opinion. I don't get too hung up on cases myself, as they just sit there and hold parts. I think that if your present case will fit everything in and has enough fans to keep parts cool, than use it. That too is just my opinion.
  7. i would do some more trouble shooting before you go and spend on parts. I would look at rma'ing your mobo first.
    I had a problem with my rig, and i was even considering buying a new mobo and gpu. I just ended up buying a new psu (the old one fried, took out my mobo and gpu in the process) and rma'ing the mobo and gpu.

    That saved me a pretty penny :D , and now im in line for getting a 4k computer next christmas.

    Just my 2 cents, but i think anyone would be kicking themselves in the ass if they went and spent $$$ on parts, when they didn't need to.
  8. Quote:
    Motherboard Compatibility: ATX Form Factor 12" x 10.5" or smaller

    well, micro atx boards are smaller, so i guess it does, and if not, just run caseless for a while or get a cheapo place-holder case for now.
  9. well, i need to go dual core anyway, i multitask to much. i did damage the mobo myself by overclocking. does that not rule out rmaing? because the mobo still works, just performance sucks the wang. cs1.6 is getting worse by the day. its terrible.
  10. You can always try to RMA it. Just tell them that it mysteriously stopped working right and never whisper a word about the overclocking. If they take it back, good, if they don't, you tried.
  11. My next build will be going into an old Alienware case. It works, looks decent, unlike the new style Alienware cases, and some people just see the Alienware logo and think "Cool". Doesn't matter much to me as long as it works. Like I say, I don't get hung up on cases.
  12. just thought of a new question. if im running a c2d with ddr memory... is it still going to perform as well as if it was ddr2 memory? or how much worse will it be?
  13. Quote:
    just thought of a new question. if im running a c2d with ddr memory... is it still going to perform as well as if it was ddr2 memory? or how much worse will it be?

    I very much doubt it will perfom near as well, but I don't know how much worse it will be. Running ddr memory is a stopgap to save money, not to get high performance. At the same time, it should still be a lot better than what you did have.
  14. what he said.
  15. aslong as its better then what i got now :)

    another one i just thought of. sorry, this is probably the last one.

    would 1 gb of ddr2 memory be better then 2gb of ddr memory?
  16. no.

    all that DDR2 is, are memory modules that run at a faster speed. When it comes to amd, AM2 was just a platform upgrade, to support newer technologies in the future. Intel on the other hand, their platforms are built for DDR2.

    if you are running an x2 with ddr1 memory, you'll get about the same performance as you would with the same chip on an AM2 platform.

    If i were you, save some money, and just rma the board. Then see if you need to replace your chip.
    When i had my problem, it occured when i had my chip and voltage oclked, but i just didn't say anything in my note that i sent with it.

    Besides, it sounds like your problem is with the voltage regulators, and those always fry. typically the first thing to fail on a system. Except if you w/cool them, but thats a different story :lol: .
  17. thanks for the help everyone. i think ill just RMA my board then save and get a FX-60 since there now only 480..

    my dad said hed get me the FX-60 for christmas, so i just bought that... now im in the process of RMAing my board. hope they take it back, never rmaed anything before...
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