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You work for a small company of approximately 100 users. In addition to you, the IT staff has one other person to support the company's network infrastructure, over 70% of them are field sales reps using laptop computers. Many of these users must provide their own support in the field, with only phone available from the company's IT department. You need to standardize all clients on one operating system. Which operating system would you recommend? And why?
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  1. Sounds like someone's homework.
  2. DOS. No question.
  3. randomizer said:
    Sounds like someone's homework.

    It sounds more like... If one train was traveling east at 100 mph and left California at 6AM heading to New York and another train was traveling west at 150 mph and left New York at 7AM heading to Califorina, when would the two trains intersect?

    NO FUN!!! My high school word problem days are over... well, until I have to start helping my kids figure them out :cry:
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