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Asrock 775 Dual-VSTA Issues regarding gfx / drivers

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
November 22, 2006 8:39:10 PM

Hey guys, I'm not quite sure if this is the correct place to be posting this, if not please move :) .

I'm having trouble with installing graphics drivers onto my PC - I'm not quite sure what the cause of this is, but it could possibly be to my motherboard not being compatible with gfx card, although im uncertain. That's where you come into action :) 

PC Spec:
Mobo: Asrock 775 Dual-VSTA
CPU: Intel Core2Duo E6600 (2.4ghz 4mb cache)
RAM: Corsair Value Select - 1gb DDR2 @ 533, 240 pin
Gfx card: Radeon X800 XT Pe - 256mb
OS: XP Pro

I can install Windows XP fine, and my mobo drivers fine too (VIA_HyperionPro_V510A). However, when I come to install the graphics drivers, my PC seems to halt. Everything is fine when booting until it gets to the Windows XP logo, with the blue bar loading screen. It stays on this screen for about 3 seconds, then it either jams as if there was a screenshot (blue bar halts) or it gets past this screen and goes to a black blank screen in which nothing can be done.

I have found this problem with ATI Catalyst (6.8, 6.9, 6.10 and 6.11) and also with Omega drivers v3.8.291.

BIOS Settings - Version 2.20

Overclock mode: Async
Spread Spectrum: Disabled
Ram Flexibility: Enabled
Set cmd rate 2T for RAM
DRAM Latencies: I think this is set to 4, (option of 3/4/5)
DRAM Voltage: High
AGP Voltage: Medium
AGP Fastwrite: Enabled
V-link speed: Fast
IDE Drive Strength: Medium

Bootlog is here for any that could find it useful:

I know this is a pretty specific problem, but I'm hoping that somebody else is in a similar/if not the same situation. Any help at all is greatly appreciated :) 

November 22, 2006 9:16:59 PM

I have a somewhat related story that can maybe help.

I'm running an Asrock Dual Sata2 motherboard, and when I got it, everything was installing fine, WinXP, chipset drivers, everything.

Until I installed my graphics driver(Forceware at the time).

I would boot the pc, windows would start loading, and you could tell when the graphics driver started to load along with it, because the computer would hang....and that was it.

Without the graphics driver, the computer worked fine, except being stuck in 800x600 :roll:

I researched the entire night(without a graphics driver installed) and found out that this is a known problem for Asrock boards, and the website had a custom bios for my motherboard, that also enabled more overclocking features.

Maybe they have one for your motherboard too? I dunno, that's on you, but I will wish you good luck man. Hope this helped.
November 23, 2006 8:23:21 PM

Thanks for the tip. Is there anybody that knows a website for custom ASRock Bios software? If so i'll give it a try :)  cheers
November 23, 2006 8:25:48 PM

Did you try ocworkbench?