Best processor for audio conversions: AMD or Intel?

I'm sure this has been asked somewhere before. I'm considering an AMD 5200 X2 or an Intel E6600. Which one would perform better, in your opinion for ripping and multi-threaded audio conversions (WAV to AAC)? Thanks for your time. I'm imagining that both would be noticably faster than my current Intel 940 D 3.2Ghz...right?
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  1. E6600, no doubt about it.
  2. contest? ...and the E6600 is less expensive.

  3. As can be seen from this link, the E6600 even beats out the more expensive Athlon64 FX 62 in encoding.
  4. Thank you. I apologize for wasting your time by not checking that out initially myself. Thanks again. E6600 here I come...but the durned mobos cost a bit more than the AMDs...oh well...thanks again!
  5. Don't worry about it. If I felt like you were wasting my time I would have responded to your question.
  6. Check out the Gigabyte DS3 for $144.99 at Newegg.
  7. Quote:
    Don't worry about it. If I felt like you were wasting my time I would have responded to your question.

    so that means he wasted your time?
  8. DAMNIT I meant wouldn't. I'm going to drink some tea now. *mutters about infernal contractions*
  9. Quote:
    I'm going to drink some tea now.

    green tea by any chance? yummy. :D
  10. Quote:
    Check out the Gigabyte DS3 for $144.99 at Newegg.

    Will do...better than the Asus P5B-E?
  11. Got good review!
    Nice price!

    The Giga has Raid and such if you need it though
  12. If the Asus costs under $200, most likely yes. As a rule in my humble but going to be flamed for opinion, you only get good quality from Asus when you buy either the over $200 models (not the nForce chipsets though) or buy the ASRock.
    Not green tea, I don't have any free leaves to brew. I'm using some "brown tea" with honey and lime.
  13. Hmm...the DS3 doesn't have Firewire...and since it is for my audio rig to which I'll want to occasionaly plug guessed iPod. ...want Firewire. Thanks for the tips though.
  14. Firewire cards would be better than onboard Firewire in my humble opinion
  15. Quote:
    Firewire cards would be better than onboard Firewire in my humble opinion

    ...and I happen to have one and the DS3 does have 3 PCI slots. Hmmm... Does it overclock reasonably well from what you've read/heard?
  16. Among the Best OCER

    3 article there

    1 here!
  17. ...and I think that just about wraps that up. ...there goes US $1,175.17
  18. I'm still mulling over the I've not sent NewEgg any $$ just yet. Li Lian makes some nice, yet expensive, cases.
  19. Look at the SilverStone Tj07 =).

    I might suggest getting the Antec P180B from frys outpost at ~80$ on hell of a case for that price!
  20. I wish I would lose my mind and spend $340 for a case...not. I know this is the CPU forum so I don't want to trash it up with case talk. Thanks all.
  21. whatttevvverr, half the thread go down worst road nowadays!

    I lost my mind and paid 286 for a Tj-09 Black with a window, at least, it is shipped for that price =)

    A case will follow you for 5+ years if it is roomy enough =)
  22. Weeellll then...this is what's been on my mind ... just seems so...oh don't know...perfect.
  23. Nzxt are really nice. from what I hear, similar quality to Lian-li ans SS but the price are pretty good!

    thats is a nice case, considered it when buying mine I don't think you would regret it.

    Thats what I got I love the clean look so much!
  24. That's sweet... and it looks expensive. I wasn't really planning to spend $1,300 on a rig I truly don't need...just want. ...but you're right...a nice case goes a long way.
  25. the ds3....BEST MOBO I EVER OWNED....
  26. I just read the review about the F7's bios overclockability. Which bios did your unit arrive with...and what are you using now?
  27. That's a pretty sharp looking case, clean with not too much flash. I want to overclock the E6600 to say...2.8Ghz...on air so I'm kinda looking for something aluminum with a good amount of ventilation. ...and above all it has to be quiet.

    Background: My Dell XPS 600 with a Pent 840D is not slow but it runs hot and Dell's answer was to put 4 fans in that are not so quiet, nice enough machine, but its loud. ...and even with RAID 0 Raptors I'm wondering if the CPU is slowing me down. Not the answer for an audio rig, I've found. With the C2D 6600, I get the impression that 2.8Ghz isn't much of an oc which means it should be quiet as well as blowing the Dell out of the water in these audio conversions. If I get a passively cooled vid. card and an aluminum case with good ventilation and low speed fans I may just get all the performance I want and near silence as well, at least that's what I hope. The rig needs to last at least a year. Almost daily converting large WAV files to AAC (which is multi-threaded) and act as my audio centre-piece.

    I'm glad you guys cleared up the AMD 5200 X2 vs. E6600 ? for me.
  28. I probably was worrying too much. I ended up getting an E6700 with this as a case hopefully with the Artic Freezer 7 it'll stay cool enough to relieve any possible thermal issues I'd encounter.
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