Software crossfire

How come no one is talking about this? If this works its a really big deal for someone looking to upgrade. If the 6.11 cats will allow me to run two normal X1900XT's in Xfire it'd be sweet! Be nice to see some benchmarks even. Why is this getting no coverage?
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  1. same reason no one really talks about software raid. Buggy and dependant on cpu resources.
  2. Good question.

    I browsed the release notes for the 6.11's and I didn't see any mention of software crossfire :? ... I"ll have to look again.
  3. Yeah, it seems software crossfire is here !!!!

    These guys connected an x1900xtx to an x1900gt and it worked, with NO crossfire master card.

    This is great news and I also want to see the big review sites tackle this.
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