BSOD system_service_exception

current setup:

gigabyte ga-ma790gpt-ud3h
amd x4 955
g.skill 4gb ddr3
WD caviar black 750 gb
Windows 7 64 bit home premium

So I finally get everything installed and running. I updated my gfx drivers to the latest at the time(a couple weeks ago) and things worked.

The computer had been shut off for probably a week maybe longer. Turn the computer on, right after I login, bam, BSOD. system_service_exception.

So I do some searching on another computer. Most of the things come up talking about gfx drivers being the problem, but nothing definite.

I rolled back the drivers. Things work fine. ATI released a new driver catalyst 9.11. I install that, everything is fine. computer was shut down and restarted and still worked fine.

I fire up the computer tonight, bam, BSOD. Same message as before. So I rolled back the gfx driver and now it's working normal again.

Does it make sense for the computer to be working fine with the newer drivers, be shut down for a while, and then not work? Cause that doesn't make sense to me.

There's also not much information out there regarding this system_service_exception BSOD that comes up. It would be nice to have some better concrete info on it.
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  1. I had 2 2gb sticks that I bought the same time I got windows 7 put both in was working for a bit then BSOD! Didn't do it offten at first but got so bad I could bearly start windows at all got to where I log in then bam, some times I got futher I have a ATI 4780x2 and thought that might be it. All I really did to fix it and I still am working on why it worked was take 4 sticks of ddr2 1066 and put them in instead of the 2 sticks of 2gb 1066 that I had and I haven't had a BSOD since.. The weird thing is I took the same 2gb sticks and put them in my wifes computer and she had no problems with them at all.. windows 7 64bit also guess windows is temper-mental.. or just temper or just mental.. dunno yet..
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