Upgrade older Satellite P205d laptop?

Guess I'm just nervous about doing this... it's prob 4 yrs old and is NOT on the Toshiba list of supported Win 8 upgradable machines... not that it won't work, just they won't provide tech support for it.
I just want to make sure there's no major hardware issues. I ran the upgrade assistant and it showed the ATI control center and install mgr to reinstall in Win 8, bluetooth and DVD - to go to app website, Toshiba hardware setup - update available, flash media controller update available. It has Vista on it.

As long as this thing functions, I'd like to upgrade. If the upgrade assistant offers you an upgrade, does that guarantee the laptop will work with most critical functions? Have you ever heard of an upgrade that is non-functional?


Edit: looking on the MS site, the upgrade advisor looks for general requirements for upgrade, like processor requirements like sse2 and nx... seems most normal computer hdwe can be covered using a generic MS driver.

The latest issue is the wireless LAN driver...seems MANY laptops upgrading have an issue with that particular driver. I found a possible driver, but I'm still thinking about it.

Edit: Decided to just do it since I had the old HDD drive before I upgraded to a SSD. This is the second machine I've upgraded to Win 8 and it worked great. What a difference from upgrading Win 95, 98, Me... they were hell if things weren't right. The wifi worked great... now I' just do the updates and start going thru more devices to check if they work. Thanks for all the comments :sarcastic:
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  1. Good luck with it! Four of the Vista computers that I upgraded to Win 8 Pro are working well; better than before!
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