Anybody know which cooler FITS the X1900 ***ALL IN WONDER*** card? Note, this is NOT the plain old X1900. I need a SURE fit as I do not wish to buy a cooler that doesn't work with the All-In-Wonder series. Good cooling is great, but SILENCE is required as I bought it to go in an HTPC. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Never heard of the brand name, but try this if your for water cooling - They claim it's suitable...


    Alternatively, Arctic Coolings' Accelero x2 DOES seem to be compatible...see discussion in this link:


    Though another thread seems to contradict this...HERE

    Best bet is to query Arctic Cooling Customer services.
  2. Thanx Om, although I'd read conflicting reports about that cooler - that's why I was forced to post. :-P It's kinda large anyway. I might have to contact their customer service to be sure, like you suggested. Anyone know FIRST HAND if it fits? Someone who knows what they're doing?
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