I have done alot of research on the net for the best cooling for my o/c core 2 duo that keeps the noise down.

From articles I have put together a short list of the best performance without to much noise.

1) Titan Vanessa L-Type - Great Performance, 37 DBA

2) Tuniq Tower 120 - Great Performance, High Noise 48.8 DBA

3) Scythe Ninja w/120 - Good Performance, Looks Quiet 21 DBA @ 1200 RPM, 50CFM? It doesn't say if its variable or if that is at 1200 rpm.

4) Cooler Master Eclipse - Looks like good Performance, Relatively Quiet, and Interesting Design as well as aides in case ventilation.

So what is your opinion? Does anyone have a setup with any of these? What are your temps and noise level? Does anyone suggest another CPU Heatsink that would keep my cpu cooler and be quieter?

Would any of those lower my temperature or should I just stick with my thermaltake blue orb? I presently have it running at 1700 rpm 17 dba. CPU is at 56 Celcius with a room temperature of 23 Celcius. The rest of my stats are at the bottom.

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  1. The Ninja is huge...if you can fit it in it rocks.
  2. Tuniq Tower 120 and Thermalright Ultra-120 are among the best coolers today. Low noise high cooling performance. You can check out the reviews and charts at
  3. How much have you overclocked your 6600 with the ninja? What kind of noise levels does it put out? What is the ambient air temperature, and what kinda cpu temperatures are you getting?
  4. I don't overclock.
    I get 35degC at idle in a 23degC house.
    It's very quiet.
    Put your hands on the heatsink and it's barely warm after an hour.
  5. The one advantage from your Blue Orb is that it spreads the airflow around a bit. Don't forget that the MCH and the regulator components on the motherboard need some cooling too. Intel's documents for the C2D specifically make this a requirement.

    THis question has popped up in a variety of forms here very recently. You might want to search back a little bit and find the prior threads.
  6. The one on that list that offers the best noise vs performance ratio is the Scythe Ninja. It will make less noise and perform better then your TT blue orb.

    And frankly there is no way that the TT cooler is 17dba at that rpm, or 17dba at any rpm for that matter. Even at 1,000 rpm the Zalman 7700cu is not 17dba.
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