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I am fairly new to the Network Admin position and I need some help.
I am running Windows 2003 server and I am having trouble browsing the network while being logged into a work station as the administrator, which before I had no problem doing this before. And I can only see half of my network from the server. The other half of my network are off site locations and I cannot see them either unless I do a seach for them, and then I can see them.
I can ping the server, browser shared drives and the nodes are still talking to the server but the problem is just browsing the network.

I think that problem is that last Tuesday one of my NICs went out so I had to replace it, and I am wondering if I didn't set the NIC up correctly. Could this be the problem?

I have looked and looked for answers on the microsoft web site and have not found the correct answer.

Please help!!!
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  1. We'll need more info about your network setup.

    Are you running a domain?
    Can you describe your network layout better?
    What is the role of your server?
    What is your ISP connection?
    What OS's are your workstations running?
    Did you configure DNS?
    All the info you can give without giving out your private info, should help us help you.
  2. I am running a Domain with two off site locations which each have their own domain controller. All my domain controllers are running Server 2003. The PDC is at my main site and it is running Server 2003 as well.

    The off site locations are connected to each other thru a VWAN which is maintained by my ISP. My main location has a T1 and my other two sites have DSL lines.
    All of my work stations are running XP Pro, which are configured with a static DNS.

    When I am logged on as Admin on a workstation, I cannot browse the network in my network places and see all the computers on my domain.
    It says that my "Domain is not accessible. and that I may not have permission to use this network resource. And to contact the admin of this server to find out if you have access permissions. And the list of servers for this workgroup is not currently available."

    When I am logged on to my main server I can only see my main site and not my other locations. Which is the same when I log on to my other domain controllers at my remote sites.
    When I search for computers i find them, its just when I am trying to browse My Network Places that I have issues.

    I hope this help more then my first post!!! :)
  3. A couple possible problems that I see off-hand.

    Make sure you have Trusts created between your sites. If you go under Admin Tools, you'll see the AD Trusts snap-in. Check to see if the trusts are setup.
    Next, make sure you have AD Replication taking place. Windows NT used PDCs and BDCs, 2000/2003 no longer uses this. You have a Global Catalog server at the top which holds all account info (which is what you're calling your PDC) - I forget where, but check to make sure you have the box checked to be a Global Catalog Server (search google, it's really simple to do but a lot of people miss this step).
    This will help with replication of your AD info.

    Next, call your ISP to make sure they're not blocking anything between your VLANs. They might have set it up that each site can only see back to your main site, but without replicating or having the trusts, that might cause a problem. If you search for a PC it may show up because you're using an account sharing the same PC, but when you try to access the domain, it might be blocking you at that level.
  4. I'll take a look at all of those.
    Thanks Riser
  5. Ok, I am now have issues with my AD not replicating and other departments are having trouble with accessing their data as well.
    All of the error codes that are being shown say to check the network onnections. Which brings me back to the new NIC that I installed a little bit ago.
    I went in to make sure that the network connections were ok and that they were configured correctly, whihc they are, but when I go to save the configurations an error pops up which says,
    "The IP address ***.***.1.10 you have entered for this network adapter is already assigned to another adapter " Intel 21041 Based PCI Ethernet Adapter (Generic)" "Intel 21041 Based PCI Ethernet Adapter (Generic)" is hidden from the network connections foldeer because it is not physically in the computer. If the same address is assigned to both adapters and they both become active, only one of them will use this address. This may result in incorrect system configuration."
    Then it asks if I want to keep these settings.

    How do I get Windows to stop seeing the old NIC and start using the New NIC?
  6. I'm sure there is probably a way to get rid of the adapter by hacking the registry. But the easiest way to remedy the problem is to:
    -uninstall the replacement NIC.
    -Shutdown the computer and physically remove it.
    -Reinstall the broken nic into the same slot as it was previously.
    -Bring the system online.
    -uninstall the broken nic.
    -shutdown the system and reinsert the replacement nic.

    then remember next time you replace a piece of hardware to uninstall it from Windows prior to physically removing it.
  7. 2 network adapaters, both need seperate network addresses.

    (same computer)
    Nic #1: x.x.x.5
    Nic #2 x.x.x.6

    They both can't be set to .5 or whichever address you want to assign.

    If you only have 1 NIC installed, go into Device Manager and make sure that NIC is uninstalled from there.
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