Help "upgrade" leads to ATI AGP vid card probs

I'm having probs with my barebones sytem;
ASUS A7V8X-X motherboard
AMD Athlon processor... I cant remember the exact designation but it runs at 2.2GHZ
1.25 Gigs of Sdram
20 gig HD, with the C drive measuring at 5 gigs and the D drive coming in at 15 gigs. The idea was for the C drive to be Windows XP only, but I didnt realize how much space that would actually take. You can imagine that 2 years later my C drive is PACKED, as well as my D drive.
ATI Radeon 9600 (128 meg) AGP x8 video card
generic Cd rom

This mediocre system ran World of Warcraft, BF 2142 (demo), Supreme Commander Beta (for the first 30 mintues or so) etc. etc. Basically, even though I couldnt run games on HIGH, I could still run them

So, the time came that I needed to upgrade my HD, but I happened to have an extra HD in my wifes cdesktop computer.

So, here is where the problems start to pop up... I took my wifes PC HD and formatted that as my C drive; set it up as the master HD and re-formatted my original 5 gig C drive to "zero", leaving my data D drive as is.
After installing Windows XP Home, and patching it to current, I had to download and install the onboard sound card drivers to get sound... then I downloaded the latest Catalyst ATI drivers to "properly" setup my vid card.

Well, long story short I had to default install the ATI drivers off of the original vid card CD...

However, my Computers' device manager recognizes my single ATI AGP 9600 Video Card as TWO PCI 9600 video cards!!!

My computer can no longer run OpenGL applications, as well as a few other items. AS a matter of fact, the ONLY game my current computer can run is Dawn of War: Dark Crusade... and only because at the same time I installed the "new" HD I put in a DVD rom instead of the generic CDrom I originally had.

I'm sorry that this it SO long,.. but I wanted to include as much info as I could recall!
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  1. I know this wont help but did you install the AGP mini port driver to get AGP texturing? Doubtfull thats going to have any effect but the driver should be on the motherboard disk. If it has two video outs it will read as two video cards but i have no idea why its reading it as a PCI. does the motherboard have onboard video? disable it if so. Other then that i havent a clue.
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