SPAIN !!! is different , and it exists too.

Good web-design, good reviews, good forum.

BUt.... Hungarian, italien, russian, turk, even french before SPANISH!!!.

Incredible ... third language all-over the world, four in web traffic table positions.
Why are you loosing all that readers ?
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  1. Ridiculous, isn't it? there's no Tom's in India, either. Maybe you should write directly to BestofMedia.
  2. It does seem like there should be a spanish server. I would advise posting this thread in the forum related section, or PM justinblue or jpishgar.
  3. So true, and funny that they don't have one. Spanish is a huge language (well outside of Spain alone).
  4. I minored in Spanish in college because it's so common in the US.
  5. Get all of your Spanish friends to post here ... and support your cause.

    We have an Australian and Indian language thread as well.

    Good luck trutoman !!
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