HTPC Build Help (Antec Fusion / Micro ATX)

In a short Im planning to build a new gaming rig (C2D E6700, 8800gtx, etc). Part of my financial justification for doing this is that Im going to convert my current rig to an HTPC (to go with a new HDTV LCD). It will be used for all the usual htpc activities.

My current rig is;

- Asus P4C800-E Deluxe (sock 478)
- P4 3.2 ghz
- Gainward BLISS GeForce 7800 GS+ SILENT 512MB GDDR3 TV-Out/Dual DVI (AGP)
- 2gb DDR667 RAM (Geil I think)

Ive been looking at HTPC cases and I really like the look of the Antec Fusion. Only, this choice is giving me some problems;

- Its a micro-atx case. I dont mind having to buy a new board; but the rest of my hardware is too good to be replaced (or, more accurately, I cant afford it). In particular, my gpu is huge; it takes up two pci slots and is very long. So Im a bit worried that this gpu rules out the micro-atx format. Can anyone confirm (or how do I check)?

- Even if it does fit on the board (but maybe overhangs it- Im going to need to find out whether it fts the case). I dont mind a bit of cutting if required. Again, anyone ever had experience of this case?

The reason I like the case (apart from looks) is that it isnt too large (2u); has pretty good reviews- especially on cooling (given its going to be holding a P4) & sound insulation. It also comes with a seasonic psu (430w.. which Im hoping will be enough). The single drive works well with me- and it can fit 2 harddrives (thinking raptor for os with larger sata storage drive).

Finally, I think the number of pci slots should be enough (the case has 4; which will be two for gpu- ideally 1 tv card and a sound card). Again, this means I'd need a board with wifi on-board (again knowing nothing about micro-atx, Im dont know whether this is doable).

However, Im open minded on the whole case issue as well- so if anyone has any others they think are worth a look, please let me know.

Its a win-win here- if I can build a htpc out of what I have at not much additional expense, I get a new gaming rig; which keeps me and the mrs happy :)
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  1. Actually, Ive just found this, which suggests that the width of micro atx if the same as a standard. So, Im hoping that I may be able fit it.

    Now just need to find one that is sock 478, agp, and wifi on board :?


    bingo! Asrock P4i65G Seems perfect, and so Im guessing I'll have the clearance on the board.. now cjust need to check the case.

    May need to sacrifce the wifi and get a wireless router to go in the back or something.. hmmmm
  2. any knowledge on micro-atx based builds would be great

  3. Anybody?

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