Windows 7 hangs during installation

Videocard: MSI twinfrozr II 2gb 9650
Processor: SB i5-2500K 3.3ghz
Mainboard: ASus P8P67 LE
Memory: G-skill 8gb(4x2) 1333mhz
Soundcard: ASUS XONAR_DG 5.1
PSU: Antec green series 650w

Okay so I'm having some problems installing windows 7 on my new computer. And note this is a clean installation from a brand new built computer.

The very first time I tried to run the installation disk I got the BSoD. So I tried again and I got to these menus.

Well I was able to get to that screen with no problem but it would just sit there for hours. I let it sit for 3 hours and nothing ever happened. Well I tried it again this morning and now it just gets to the "Starting Windows" screen but hangs there for about 30 minutes then it goes to a black screen and nothing happens. And this is the "starting windows" screen that appears before any installation happens.

I don't know what is going on and why it would do this. All my plugs are good and everything seems to be working fine hardware wise.

I've tried it with different ram sticks plugged in and limited usb use. Kept the mouse plugged in. I turned off the lan thing in the bios also.
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  1. Hi there,

    I'd just start over and give it a fresh try. Clean off your HDD first.

    When you get to your image page, click on (Advanced), and on the Install Windows dialog box where it shows your the 100MB partition and the Unallocated Space, delete them, so the disk is clean, has only unallocated space.

    Set your BIOS setup choices normally, then boot from the DVD and try again. When you get to the Disk0 Unallocated Space, click Advanced to create the partition size you want. It will create the 100 MB EFI reserved system hidden partition, and you should choose the Unallocated Space. Next, to create a partition from the Unallocated Space. You can use all of it, however, a good idea is to save ~ 30-50 GB at the end in case you need it later (to shrink or expand the primary partition, put restore files there, for 3rd party image of your fully working OS). You can expand the pri partition to include all of it later if you don't need it, but you can't easily make a new partition there, if you need it later. Click Apply and on you go.

    False starts are not uncommon, but clean off the HDD before starting over.
    Also don't have another HDD attached to you MB during installation, since you want to make sure the hidden reserve partition is first on the system disk, not on a different drive.
  2. well the thing is, i can't even get to that part of the installation anymore. I've unhooked and rehooked everything and i'm start at the "starting windows' Screen.
  3. Still, then, some work to be done here. I can not find an MSI twin frozr II 9650 graphics card on the MSI website. Is there a different model # you have might describe it better, and have you checked it against the Win-7 hardware compatability list web site?

    You didn't mention if you have a just 1 HDD or more attached, the make, model #, SATA II or SATA III, and what # SATA port it is connected to on your MB.

    And for now, disconnect the audio card, and use the on board audio from the ASUS MB until you have Windows installed.

    Next boot up to the spash setup screen, and go into the EFI BIOS. Reset the bios to "Load Optimized Defaults" or similar so the setting are all standard.
    Check the BIOS rev on the board, should be 1011 or later.

    Check in the Boot Menu that Boot Option #1 recognizes you single SATA HDD, and in the EZ Mode the Boot Device Priority has the DVD set as the first device to load.

    Lastly if you have a beep code speaker connected to the front I/O port listen for any beep codes just after the BIOS POST. A single beep means all the hardware is functioning OK.
  4. do you have another machine? perhaps you can put the a verified, non-corrupt windows .iso on a thumb drive. if there's a chance your disk is damaged, booting from the USB .iso would fix it.
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