buying a new mobo, need it to take latest processors and p4

Hi I have a p4 3gig processor and am wanting to upgrade my case and mobo now but upgrade the processor in the future, this mobo says that it takes cure 2 duo and also p4 but elsewhere other reviews say it does not take P4 so i am slightly confused. Basically my questions is this, will taht mobo take a p4 and if i do go for that, am i losing out ebcause i want backwards compataibility. My budget is around 100 pounds for the mobo so if anyone has any ideas they would be more than welcome. Ant.
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  1. It does take p4 and core 2 processors. very good board and very cheap too. go for it !! :)
  2. You don't say what 3.0 GHz Intel processor you have. Care to enlighten us on the exact model? If I'm not mistaken... Intel had processors in that range well before Socket 775... in other words, if you have an older P4, it's NOT going to work on the newer Socket 775 boards.
  3. This S3 board is a great choice IF you currently have a socket 775 Pentium4.
    If your current processor has pins on it, it won't work.
    Tell us the make and model of either your current motherboard or cpu and we can let you know what's up...
  4. hi thanks for the replies, my processor is a p4 530 socket775 LGA codename Prescott. my mobo is Dell OM3918 but im obviosuly upgrading to the one mentioned in teh first post. Thanks again. Ant.
  5. Well, there you go.
  6. there you go as in that'll be fine? :-)
  7. Upgrading a Dell is tricky business.
    Proprietary non-standard power supplies, motherboards and cases...
    At least check with to see if you have a standard psu. Look and measure your mobo for std ATX compliance... You've been Delled! :cry:
  8. LOL i have had problems with dell before but i seem to haev been lucky with teh dimension 4700, the only things left from the original dell now are the case, the mobo and the processor. As i now know the processor will be fine in my new case and mobo it should work out great. I upgraded the psu a while ago and it wasnt proprietary which was nice so iwas able to upgrade with an antec smartpower. Can anyone see any likely problems. Thanks again. Ant.
  9. You are good to go.
  10. Are you also buying DDR2 RAM? 'Cuz if all you've got now is DDR1, it won't work in the S3
  11. Quote:
    Are you also buying DDR2 RAM? 'Cuz if all you've got now is DDR1, it won't work in the S3
    Oops. :oops:
    The Dell OM3918 uses DDR2 ram, so that's OK.
    BUT, it is probably DDR2-400. Newer boards don't show support for ram that slow. I've never tried it myself. Good catch!
    What we want to see is DDR2-533.
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