What to do? help plz

This is my first post so, hi everybody
I dont know much details of how a computer works so keep it easy please

This is my problem,
I was playing around with the ATI catalyst controlcenter and then I went to resolusion settings where my was looking at the difference between the resolutions but when I put it on the highest I got a black screen with in the middle a red square saying:

Out of range !
H: 34 KHz
V: 30 Hz
Max: 1280x1024

I restarted my PC and I got it again, and again...........
I have a X300SE 256mb grafics card witch(i know now)cant handle that resolution.

So what must I do :?:
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  1. The last time i tried to up my resolution and it went out of range, i switched off my monitor for 10secs and when i switched it back on again it had reverted to my usual resolution.

    Tell us the exact name and number of your monitor so we can find what the max. resolution of it is.
  2. ok,
    restart the computer
    press F8 before loading windows
    so you get the boot screen
    use "VGA mode"
    settings back to 640*480 or 800*600 (don't know for sure)
    never set the resolution to 1280 x 1024 again
  3. If I press the boot menu button (f12 its says on my PC) it aks for a boot device and even if i put my backup cd-rom in doesn't say anything about "VGA mode" ?

    I have a Acer AL1703sm 17 inch monitor
  4. I fixed it :D
    I took out my video card, so i used on board graphics and removed ATI catalyst controlcenter and then put the video card back in.
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