Windows 2003 Server Network Load Balancing question

Hi, I have a question about NLB in Windows 2003 Server

Here is the situation I have got 2 windows 2003 server with two 1 Gb NIC (with NLB) on each connected to a D-Link layer 2 managed switch which is connected to a 48 port D-Link managed switch (with two 1 GB port uplink) where 40 workstations are connected.

I was ask for a project to increase the performance make use of the 2 uplink port to have a 2 gb uplink to the first D-Link switches.

My question is: can I use the two GB NIC on my NLB cluster?

P.S.: From my research one NIC only is part of the NLB, I could be wrong
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  1. I need clarification on this:

    You have 2 servers, each with 2 gigabit network cards. One NIC on each server connects to a switch. That switch, in turn, connects to another switch which has your workstations attached?

    Now, do you want to load balance between the two servers using 1 NIC on each server? Or do you want to use all 4 NICs for load balancing between the 2 servers?

    I'm going with 2 NICs to load balance.;en-us;323437
  2. Yes I have 2 servers with 2 gigabit NICs each (at the moment only 1 is used on each server for load balancing). the servers a connected to an 8 port gigabit switch which in turn is connected to a 48 port switch for workstations.

    I want to use both NICs on each servers for load balancing, so yes i want to use all 4 NICs
  3. You run the risk of bogging down your servers if they're not high-powered enough. Load balancing over 4 nics.. never tried that before.

    You're going to get stuck hitting Microsoft for this one... you have two options:

    Network Load Balancing and Clustering:

    NLB is sharing network load while maintaining multiple copies of the same data..

    Clustering is having multiple computers acting as one, all storing the same data across multiple computers where the network traffic really doesn't matter.

    Make sure you want NLB and not clustering in this case.

    As far as using all 4, the Microsoft steps I believe I posted should handle it. You have to go in and add it then configure it. They list what you need to do when connecting to a layer 2 and layer 3 switch.
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