Disabled default pipes on 7800gs and enabled locked ones :(

Hi, i only just signed up cause i need help with this but have been a browser for yonks. tonight i decided to test my disabled pipes, so i disabled the default pipes without thinking and enabled the disabled pipes and restarted. Now i cant use my card with the nvidia drivers loaded. RivaTuner wont recognize the card without drivers installed, and i have to use no drivers which is a pain in the butt. Is there anyway to enable and revert the gfx card bios or whateva it is back to default.

XFX 7800GS 256mb OC AGP
MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum
1Gig Geil DDR400 which has decided to run at 333 instead
XP Pro SP2

Thanks for any help u can provide for me :cry:

and yeah i know im a complete wanker :P i just want some more FPS in Oblivion
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  1. Here's what I think is your best bet...

  2. haha knew i was gonna some kinda smart arse comment :P thanks for ur contribution though :wink:
  3. Honestly, I don't know to say. It's not like a motherboard where you can just reset your BIOS with a jumper. I'm sure someone here will have a valid response... I just don't think it's going to be the one you want to hear.
  4. especially if that response involves the use of my floppy drive to flash the card seen as how i haven't been able to get a floppy to work for almost 2 years and thus have no floppies AT ALL!

    and if ur wondering why in the hell i dissabled the already working pipelines, i thought it would be much easier to see if they worked by disabling the default ones. no idea why this produces no image when window loads and then makes it restart. but oh well, i learnt my lesson :roll:
  5. I figured that you just wanted to validate that you had successfully unlocked pipes... it's definitely turning into a learning experience for you.

    For the record... I've flashed an AMI BIOS onto a motherboard with an Award BIOS... this was before the flash program did any sort of check to make sure you were using the right file... needless to say, that motherboard was toast.

    Just part of learning.
  6. Try using some modded drivers. Omegadrivers.net is a good place. They might come with tools that can help you enable/disable the pipes you need enabled/disabled.

    Else, I'd say call nVidia or XFX, but they might call you a dumbarse for OC'ing their cards.

    Now, if you had an eVGA, they'd send you a new card. Their warranty lets users OC the cards without voiding it.
  7. this is my only fault i have caused with this system or any system ive used, well apart from attempting my own paintjob that i didn't bother finishing cause i cant have the side of the case on anyways. crappy aopen bloody case.

    $120 for a beautifully painted grey hammer effect n goldish like trim anyone ?
  8. Well, you've got one thing to try... using those other drivers. Sounds like it's worth a shot.
  9. hmm i darno, i might be able to get back to you within a year MAYBE thats if i dont get disconnected before my download finshes :cry: i have the awesome as 56k connection.

    i cant even finish the install on official drivers so theres very little chance of those drivers working for me unless it is able to recognise my card before attempting to install drivers and allow me to moddify it prior to installation... which i doubt. DAMN ME AND MY STUPIDNESS :evil: dont think i can get eVGA here in aus, haven't even seen a 7800gs version
  10. If you didn´t do a backup of your original bios, you deserve no better.

    There might be some bios copies on the net though. Look here for your bios.

    May i ask why you didn´t use the rivatuner? :?
  11. i didn't even know i could make a backup of my gfx card bios 8O and as for ur solution it looks very interesting and will give it a go.

    Also i did use RivaTuner, thats how i managed to disable the ever so important default pipelines :P
  12. Reflash your card's BIOS with the proper one. might do the trick.
  13. Can you please elaborate what exactly you did?

    You flashed a bios with more enabled pipes and disabled the old, working ones with riva tuner? Is that what you did?

    WHY OH WHY!??!!?
  14. nah i didn't flash anything. i used rivatuner to enable the masked units on my gfx card, it showed some disabled but physically there units so i disabled the original ones and enabled those ones so i could better test their "usability" as i have read things about some being disabled for a reason. i just didn't expect windows to not like what i had done.

    In the Nibitor thingo i can read my BIOS how it is directly from the gfx card without any installed drivers, but do not seem able to modify the pipelines at all.

    Sorry for the difficultness of this.
  15. assuming you have another computer:

    1) swap its video card into your problematic pc, get it to boot, load up the drivers for your problematic card, and enable remote desktop

    2) put your old non-working card back into the problematic pc and your good video card into your other pc.

    3) connect to the problematic pc from the good pc via remote desktop then use rivatuner to re-enable the default pipes.

    You may not know but one of the reasons they disable pipes is because they're faulty. Thats how nVidia make GS chips. They're basically test-failed GTX chips than can pass the GS tests with the parts that failed disabled.

    The reason you weren't getting any picture was becuase you disabled all the default (i.e. working) pipes and enabled all the broken ones.
  16. i do have another "pc\thing" but its an extremely old computer that wouldn't even run windows 98 let alone allow me to use my gfx card in it. thanks for ur suggestion though.
  17. If you just used the Rivatuner, then all you need to do is uninstall rivatuner and the nvidia drivers. If you can´t do that, I´d suggest reinstalling the Os though. Its faster and easier most of the time.
  18. i thought doing something like that would write it to the gfx card instead of being software. but i suppose i do see everything up until windows loads. thanks ill give it a go now.
  19. You can use the card here is what you need to do, Put the card back in at boot up hit f8 and then choose last good known reg and away you go.
  20. No, you just made a software mod. The unlocking is done by rivatuner (or nvstrap to be more precise) and that happens while windows gets loaded.

    When you said flashed in your first posts, i assumed you used a boot disk to flash a modified bios to your card. You didn´t do that, so everything should be still okay.
  21. Yep, that should work too.
  22. My advice works experience tell me so, I did the same dam thing with mine .I know riva is software so this means the reg is telling the software what to do. I gave the same advice to a dude in the forumz a few month back and he too thought his card was a gonner but restore the last known reg and you will be ok.
  23. omg Slobogob i bags having ur kids u beautiful man u. it works :D ( im not gay btw) thanks for everyones help, and time putting up with this. its nice to know that i can now stuff up in riva tuner all i want with some ability to change crap back to a working order.

    Any advice on a good OC while im at it. i think i dont have the OC edition xfx card. my mates asleep in front of the closet where the box is in. i currently run 439mhz core and 729mhz ram. defaults are 375\600mhz
  24. The pipes on the 7800GS are laser cut, I don't know what you did, but you never unlocked any of the hidden pipes.

    I own one of the cards, I've theorized with others different ways to make them go faster, and hardware volt modding is the only option.

    Alexy the Rivatuner guy has been telling people that the cards are laser cut since their introduction, it's pretty stupid to try flashing another bios onto a card that has nothing more to give.
  25. I know what happened dude, he installed the card without unstalling riva tuner and the riva was using settings of the old card and not the new one.
    When I got my bfg 7800 I was able was to change the setting but it was actually the setting of the 6800ge and when I booted I just got a black screen this stumped me for a bit then I finally got what happend.
    I did post awhile back showing the desktop snap shots of the cards settings with the 7800 but the settings show it was not the 7800 rather a 6800. I got in a argument about this, sticking to my guns the 7800 pipes can be change and showed snap shots of this but a fourm dude pointed out the settings riva displayed were not that of the 7800 rather it was a 6800. Riva tuner has to be reset after installing a new vcard because it will read what is stored in the database untill a new scan of hardware is done.
  26. why do people keep thinking ive flashed my video cards bios :? i neva said anything bout that. i made fairly clear what i had done through other posts
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