Razer/Microsoft Habu mouse problems

My spanking new Microsoft Habu Lazer gaming mouse (based on the Razer mice) is an ugly duckling that nobody loves.

Razer's customer support don't want anything to do with it - neither do Microsoft. Based on the fact that Razer refferred me to Microsoft and Microsoft haven't got it listed as a recognised product you can actually moan about.

The Saga:

When I read the instructions (with pictures) it said plug in the mouse, then install the software.

On attempting to follow this - there was a sticky label over the USB plug saying 'Install the software first' - ie do it the opposite way described (with pictures) in the manual.

I sat there for a bit and thought to myself 'One of these supplied instructions is wrong'.

I then noticed a piece of paper that had been inserted in the manual telling me it was very important to install the latest Habu software and firmware at step 2 in the manual.

So, this piece of paper is now supporting the manual. Insert the mouse first then on step 2 (install the software), instead of installing the software from the CD, you actually install the software from Razer's website as per the little paper insert.

So, it is 2 vs 1 to inserting the mouse and then installing the software.

I download the update from Razer's site and find it is a folder with 2 sub folders (one called 'Firmware', the other called 'Software') but no accompanying 'readme file'. I sit there again think 'Mmm, what do I do here? - do I install the Firmware or the Software first?' Both folders have their own exe. files.

Now, there is a problem here - updating firmware wrongly can damage a product. This is even mentioned on Razer's site (for a similar product): www.razersupport.com/index.php?_m=knowledgebase&_a=viewarticle&kbarticleid=3&nav=0

I contacted Razer's support centre and pointed out that their software download has no instructions for use. I pointed out that a user could be confused as to whether to install the software first or the firmware first.

Razer's response was:


Please refer to Microsoft for assistance for the Microsoft Habu mouse. You may want to refer to their solution centre

via support.microsoft.com/ph/12104

You can also find their contact numbers in this page - support.microsoft.com/oas/default.aspx?gprid=12104 They

will be able to provide the necessary advice to you.

However, I just want a simple answer here - I am installing a mouse not a fully functional badger's brain to a USB port.

What's the big secret in installing this chuffing mouse?

I pointed out to Razer (having taken a look myself) that more of their downloads (for various products) do not have readme files and that Razer seem to expect users to read through knowledgebase entries (without being prompted to do so) prior to trying to install a product that could become damaged if not installed correctly.

So, Razer have passed the buck to Microsoft.

I took a look at the Microsoft links, but Microsoft were spouting on about using their standard Intellipoint drivers. So to cut to the chase (considering I paid a lot for a Lazer gaming mouse), I thought I'd just ask Microsoft directly via their support email. However, the product is not on Microsofts support list:


There is a list of mice there - but the Microsoft Habu is not one of them.

So, I have a mouse that nobody knows how to properly install (based on the fact that there are no clear and accurate instructions I have yet to find).
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  1. I would suggest going with the following:

    1. plug in the mouse, without the software it will just run as a generic usb mouse, no harm done
    2. install the software
    3. if it works don't f*ck with it and forget the firmware update
    4. if it doesn't work THEN install the firmware
  2. I know this is an old post, but this is a good mouse that nobody really loves. I hope this post stays where it's at on Google search and anyone with problems will be able to find it.

    How to Install:

    Plug in the mouse first. Microsoft generic HID drivers will pick it up, and treat it as a standard 5 button mouse.

    Install the Software from Razer first. You now have the option to configure the DPI settings, polling rate, and bind some mouse buttons to keyboard shortcuts and change the mouse through the Razer/Microsoft software.

    Install the firmware update. Do it when you know nothing can go wrong, not in a rainstorm. lol. The firmware is basically the software on the mouse itself. The firmware update fixes some bugs and increases response time a bit in some low FPS scenarios.

    Optional: Once you have bound the mouse buttons, and have the mouse the way you want it. Uninstall the software from your PC. The firmware will remember what key bindings you have set, weither or not you want Mouse1 and Mouse2 switched, and so on. If you have a low end system like me, I find having fewer things running in the background helps. Do you really need an overly elaborate window to pop up so you can change something at all times?

    Also, two common problems I've run into with the Microsoft Razer Habu.

    Bad Tracking issue: Mouse fails to track your movements, cursor behaves erratic.
    Fix: It's more than likely hair under the laser. Remove the clear plastic around the laser, and if you notice some hair in there, use tweezers to remove it. You can also use a can of compressed air to blow dirt off of the glass.

    Erratic mousewheel behavior: Scrolling down will accidentally cause it to scroll up once in a while, annoying for FPS games or scrolling through large documents.
    Fix: Can of compressed air, remove the buttons from the side of the mouse and blast the wheel from the inside. Rotate the wheel down, then up. If problem persists, try again.

    If you get a problem with this mouse you can't fix, Contact Microsoft. The laser was pretty much shot on my first Habu, and they replaced it free of charge. Just say it's important to you because your a gamer, and be completely honest with them.
  3. I have owned this mouse for about a week or two and its already squiking, the scrolling is starting to get annoying

    Anywhere to get RMA or something?
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