X1600 PRO Or Any Other Sub-80 Video Card!!!!!

I'm looking for a sub-80 video card to play some video games.
I don't need a $100, or $150 video card because I don't play games too often, but I still want a better video card.
I've found the x1600PRO

Does anybody else have any better suggestions as to a good video card for less than $80?

Games I will probably play:
CS: Source
Sports games (Madden NFL 07, NBA Live 07)
GTA: Vice or San Andreas
Need For Speed: Most Wanted or Carbon

Thanks in advance!
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  1. A 7600 GS would be better, should be around $80.
  2. Just make sure you check your motherboard to confirm if you are looking for AGP or pci-e otherwise I would believe Cleeve.
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