nVidia 7600GS and internet access problem

If I set my screen resolution above 800x600 my WMP54GS Linksys adapter won't pick up an internet signal. In fact the higher I go above 800x600 the slower it gets until it receives no signal when I reach 1440x900.

I've had an nVidia 7600GS for the past two months and everything was working fine until two days ago. That is, I was flying along on the web in glorious 1440x900 widescreen until this current situation.

Could it be a power supply thing? I've updated both drivers so I don't think that's it. I'm out of ideas. Please, any thoughts are welcome...
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  1. Perhaps your 7600GS is blowing hot air on the adapter, causing it to overheat and malfunction? (higher screen res = more work for gpu = more heat, therefore less signal...?)
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