computer wont boot, fans only run when unplug elps from mobo

p5n32sli deluxe
2 gig geil ram 667mhz dual channel
intel 840 stock speed
big typhoon cpu cooler
xfx 7800gt stock speed
zalman vf900cu vga cooler
ultra x-finity 600 watt psu
linksys pci internet card
chaintec av710 sound card
seagate 300gig hdd (7800.8 )
sony lightscribe dvd/rw/dl

For a day or two my computer wouldnt always start right away. I would press the power button, and the fans would turn slightly, but that was all. I would press it again, and it would start up fine. one night my keyboard diddnt work, but i diddnt think much of it because i diddnt need it. The day after, I tried to start up my computer, and it only turned the fans a little. I tried again, and the fans would go for a few seconds, then shut off. I pressed the button a few more times, then in frustration, kept pushing the power button over and over in succession, at which point the computer made an odd smell. I say some colorful words, and try in vain to make it come on again. I unplugged everything, plugged it back in. I removed all non critical components. I tried one stick of ram, then the other. Immediately after the smell, I touched all the heatsinks in my computer, and they were cool. I took the cpu cooler off, and felt the cpu (through a baggie, while grounded), and it was cool. I put everything together, and could not get it to come on again, the fans would just spin slightly . After removing the elps plug, the computer will seem to turn on, but no signal is sent to the monitor, and no beep is made by my computer like it usualy is. Any ideas are really appreciated
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  1. Some chips have a thermal sensor problem, where it underclocks, then stops, and the heatsink is cool.
    It is called Thermal Throttling. Check the BIOS temps, and see what they say. You may need to RMA chip or mobo.
  2. He can't check the temps if he can't get into the bios. If you smelled a burning smell, that ain't good. Thry another PSU and see if that does anything. Sounds like something fried. As to what, gonna take a little work to figure it out.
  3. Thanks guys, I fixed it yesterday. I ordered a seasonic s12+ of newegg yesterday, and everything works great. I tried my old psu on annother computer, and it worked fine. I believe it was the elps went bad, because the other mobo i tried it on diddnt have it. An odd problem, but it means I have a backup psu for a standard mobo.
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