ALC883 Microphone only records quietly!

hey all just got my rig up and running.. all worked great.. sound played great.. video.. great.. ram great.. then go to use my mic.. and.. nearly nothing.(sound is Realtek's ALC883)

Realtek's little menu does detect the microphone has been connected. But it records very quietly and seems to have locked the Microphone recording volume in windows so I can't move the slider, and it doesn't put the bar within their utility to move it(bar is there but no slider). I've updated the driver's and still seems to be doing the same durn thing.

Anyone here experienced a similar problems and know how to fix it?

P.S. I know the mic is good I was using it on my old rig, and tested it again this morning to make sure it wasn't screwed up.
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  1. I have not seen this before. On my current setup, using the kX drivers, only one Windows recording volume control shows up. However, all the recording controls are available through the kX drivers.

    You have probably already checked it but look in the Control Panel->Audio devices icon, (or whatever it is called in XP - I am using a Win 98SE computer at the moment), look in Audio Tab - what is selected there for "Preferred Device" under RECORDING?
  2. Realtek HD Audio Input
  3. I've got a similar problem. The gigabyte mobo I am using has on-board HD ACL883. It locks me out of being able to adjust microphone volume. Also when I try to use VOIP in games or in sound hardware test wizard I receive a tremendou echo.

    Any thoughts?

  4. You know what...I am having the exact same problem...I'll let you know if I ever get it solved.
  5. Have you enabled mic boost from Volume Control?
  6. Well...I was having similar I ended up taking my tower to my local Micro Center to have it looked at (free of charge) and they discovered that my motherboard wasnt even acknowledging my USB ports on top of my sound issues...anyways I also e-mailed my motherboard manufacturer to see what they would have to say about it and everything they said, as far as trouble shooting goes, was already looked at and functioning correctly. So everybody told me to return (RMA) the motherboard . I guess it is defective because its brand-spankin-new annnnd it was hooked up and installed correctly. I dont know how new of a system you got or what kind it is, but you might want to send it back for a replacement....nobody else could come across with any problems with the way I had mine set up, besides if you spend the money for a new computer...why keep it if there is something wrong with your investment. Replace it while you still can!!!!
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