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Well i have just joined the forums and this is my first post... so please be kind...

my problem is... when i leave my computer for the night and some times after work my computer's connection to the net is dropped... this only seems to happon when i have been using bittorrent... i have never lost a connection when i was sitting at the computer...

i have have 3 different services with the same modem but with different routers.... They have all been the linksys brand... i have tried and to download the lastest drivers or firmware updates for the modem but none exist...

my thought are that the modem gets over heated (but why that would only happon when i was away i dont know) but what i am starting to think is that it's my service cutting my connection for some reason...

so do i have to give them a call and tell them something? or would i have to download some program to keep the connection alive?
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  1. Need a little more info.

    ISP service, Dial, DSL, Cable, FIO

    Most dialup service will drop on inactivity.
  2. sorry...

    i have cable service...
  3. Check you lease times on the WAN and LAN port in your router config/setup. Most default to time less than max. Set to max time.

    Most ISP do a reset to freeup IP at scheduled times, normally during low trafic times. Your router should auto reconnect.

    I doubt it's your router. I have a cable modem, been running 24/7. The only outage in 3 yrs, was a 6 hr blackout.
  4. well i tried that but it's not dropping the connection after a day it's dropping the connection after 20 mins (after i walked away from the computer...

    so now i am going to try and connect right to the modem and see if that does anything different...

    is it possible that my ISP is disconnecting me because they think that i would be running a server and this is thier way of preventing it?
  5. Is your computer going into sleep mode, and dropping connection?
  6. Problems with BitTorrent and PC's losing network connectivity or even locking up all together are not new and well-known. Many, many people have to put up with frequently resetting their modems to restore connectivity.

    The running theory is that the firmware of recent cable/dsl modems was never stress tested to endure constant full-throttle network activity of the order BitTorrent can ramp up to.

    Although I know of no "magic-bullet" fix for this issue, here are a couple of links where this has been discussed at length.
  7. It is most likely an overheating modem, I've had similar problems with dsl modems in the past. Where is your modem located in relation to the computer? If it is sitting near the tower or monitor it might be catching the excess heat off of those. I always try to put my modem as far away from a computer or other heat source as possible.
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