Help please, major issue driving me crazy

(I couldn't even post this from the machine in question, I had to email it to
myself last night and post it from work)

I've been trying to fix this issue off and on for two months now and it's
driving me absolutely nuts. When I go to certain websites I get completely
timed out, whether I'm using I.E. or Firefox.

Background info: I'm mostly a gamer - I can play online games, FPS games, and
strategy games online with low, top-notch ping times. I can download at nearly
300kb as my DSL is supposed to. Everything works flawlessly regarding
my connection except for this issue and it's driving me insane.

Three situations where the problem pops up most often: 1) Yahoo searches,
whether they be text, photo, news, video or anything else, 2) ESPN forums, 3)
Everquest 2 forums. Of the numerous websites I frequent, these are the ones
that seem to give me problems. Some websites I get absolutely 0 problems
from. There's actually another forum that gives me issues too, now that I
think about it.

My system is hard-wired to a wireless router. My laptop is on a wireless
connection and does not have any issues.

The vast majority of the issues seem to have some odd connection to my
cookies. Why do I say that? For some odd reason I can sometimes clear my
internet cache when my connection times out. For instance, if I'm on ESPN and
I hit a forum hyperlink and it doesn't connect instantly - I can clear my
cookies out and it will go to the forum. However, even cookie clearing does
not allow me to log in to the forum, it still times me out.

My attempts at fixes: I read the Black Hole Router issue and I put in the registry DWORD line as stated in solution #2 here:

I've searched with Adaware, Spybot S&D, Hijack this and whatnot for spyware.
It's not a spyware problem. It could be some sort of very valicious virus but
I've honestly done a major background check on this and additionally, I had
this issue prior to my most recent fresh install.

So putting my own ignorant and clueless deductions forth: it seems to be a
problem with my modem or router due to it occuring after a fresh install, and a
temporary, and very limited fix (and not even a complete fix), is to delete my
cookies. I'm seriously at wit's end here and I'm ready to take it to a
professional and pay cash but I was just hoping someone here could possibly
know what's going on.
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  1. You say your laptop does not suffer any of these problems? Then it couldn't be your router/modem.
    Do an ipconfig /all from a command prompt on both of the computers and see if they have the same dns and default gateway information. If the desktop differs from the laptop statically assign the desktop with the information the laptop has (except ip of course). Usually you will get your router as your dns server and it will forward requests from there but ya never know.
    If you want to take a hop out of the equation statically assign your ISPs dns server on your computer.

    There is always the simple tests as well; change ports on router and change the cable. Sounds dumb but I've seen it do wonders in the past.

    What router/modem do you have?
  2. Done all that already, thanks for the reply though.

    I'm beyond all of the common fixes at this point, I'm looking for something more in-depth. I don't think it can be a mere coincidence that a clearing of my cookies will at times temporarily fix (or partially fix, anyway), the problem. However, recall that it's also occured after a clean re-install on new software.

    The only hardware related issue I can think of is that my network port on my motherboard is causing the problem, since that's the only hardware that remained the same after the re-install.
  3. Well since nobody has any idea, anyone know a good network tech/overclocker in the South Florida area that I can take my PC to for some tweaking? While having them fix the network issue I'd like to see if they can optimize my system a bit better to squeeze out some better gaming performance.
  4. How about running a linux live cd just to rule out everything outside of your windows install. If you get the timeouts when you are running a live cd at least you know it isn't something on your windows install that is broken :)

    Give the latest knoppix or the suse live cd/dvd a try.
  5. I had a similar problem a few months ago. Wifes machine ran fine and I would time out or drop often. I took my router back to factry default and reconfig'd it.

    The root cause for my situation was that I had it NAT'ing and handing out DHCP addresses. I had disconnected and reconnected my system several times for different things and had other machines on my network from customers to fix and patch. All this caused the ARP/DHCP table to not truely release old MAC's and was causing me issues.

    I discovered this while days of troubleshooting everything. And when I finally looked at my DHCP log I immediately noticed machines still listed that had been off my network for months.

    I too thought it could not be my router but as I said above, once I cleared and reconfigured it ... I have been issue-less since.

    Good luck,
  6. I tried defaulting the router without success, thanks for the try though.

    I noticed for the first time yesterday that the problem is also temporary fixed on a reboot, so I think at this point I'm narrowing it down to a corrupted Windows installation as mentioned above, or a faulty network port. I'm going to try to borrow both a router and network card from friends to see if either help.
  7. how about taking your computer to your friends house? have a completely different setup that is known good. That would probably be a good test.
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