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I'm about to remove this cooler, to replace the bundled compound with Artic Silver 5. Problem is, for the love of money I can't find any thermal tape to buy here in South Africa.

So, can I remove the cooler, and if the thermal pads remain intact, can I just change the thermal paste and then refit the cooler? The problem here is the thermal pads - I don't know whether the pads might loose some of their heat conducting properties if the are seperate from the memory chips.

Has anyone done this before?

Many thanx in advance!
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  1. Im not exactly sure what you mean by thermal pads. If you mean the thermal pad on the heatsink its self that should be removed compleatly and the heatsink surface shined before applying the artic silver. there are directions on the artic silver website about how to apply the thermal paste. Make sure you rub it into the heatsink and wipe it off to fill the micro cracks on the heatsink and only use a little on the cpu its self.
  2. ummmm, thermal pads can be used instead of thermal paste... In other words use the thermal paste OR the pad, as too much of the applicant can actually prevent the machine being cooled at its optimum levels....

    The artic Silver would be better then the pad, IMHO. But as Vokofpolisiekar said make sure you remove the pad first and use the paste correctly.

  3. Ooops, I see I was a bit vague with my description.

    I'm talking about the thermal pads (double sided tape - 3M makes it) used on the memory. So, with installation, I stuck 8 of these "pads" on the memory, and then attached the cooler. It's supposed to be thermally condusive.

    The thermal paste I'm taking off with articlean and then I'm slappin on some Artic Silver 5.
  4. You should be fine. I did the same with my 7800GT and reuse the thermal pads. Well I did put some AS5 between the memory and thermal pad and everything is fine the GPU core temp got lower, thanks to the AS5.
  5. I read that some people picked up problems with taking off the cooler (the pads stuck the cooler and memory very tightly and removing it caused the pads to break), so I'm quite concerned as there is no second chance with me and the thermal pads.
  6. didn't now 3M made thermal pads... linkage?

    also when i said "as Vokofpolisiekar said" i clearly ment EnFoRceR22 :oops:

  7. If it does stick, then use a hairdryer or heat gun. Heat up the thermal pads and it should come off once the adhesive gets tacky again.
  8. Quote:

    Afraid I can't help you but I love the username boet 8)
  9. Quote:
    didn't now 3M made thermal pads... linkage?

    also when i said "as Vokofpolisiekar said" i clearly ment EnFoRceR22 :oops:


  10. Tried getting it loose, but no go! Those thermal pads REALLY stick once they settle. NE how, got my spot cool fan and with air blowing over the exhaust area, and the supercyclone sucking it out, I dropped about 7C.

    SO, i guess I'll survive, until the R600... :twisted:
  11. Yes I did, but only after I tried removing the cooler. Thank you though for the advice, fortunately I couldn't remove it :D

    The big problem here was heat build up, and I wanted to address this with what I thought was better thermal paste (wrongly so).

    The accelero is good, but the heat build up is scary, as it blows directly down onto the PEG slot, and with no venting, the GPU went as high as 88C!
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