Monitor not powering on with DIY pc.

Someone PLEASE help! I recently built another pc for my husband and am having an issue where the monitor will not power on. The monitor is brand new, it is working as I tried on two of our other pc's without a problem. I have tried using both the on-board graphics, a different PCI graphics card, as well as the new video card and still have no luck. Here are the specs to the DIY I built:

* Gigabyte S Series GA-M55plus-S3G AM2 Socket mobo
* AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ Dual Core Processor w/ included fan
* Master Power 450 watt PSU
* LG L194WT 19' Widescreen Monitor
* Seagate ST3250623A-RK 250 gb Internal Ultra ATA Hard Drive
* EVGA e-GeForce 7600GS PCI-E Graphics Card
* A-Data Dual Channel 1024MB PC4200 DDR2 533MHz Memory (2 x 512MB)
* Mad Dog Lightscribe Internal DVD-RW Drive (MD-16XTLI)

According to all documentation, the PSU is compliant with the mobo and video card. Everything is brand new. I can't get into bios to check for issues there, because I can't see anything, only a black screen when I boot up. The computer boots, cpu fan turns, DVD rom and hard drive seem to be running.. just no video. The strange thing is, if I unplug the monitor from any graphics source, the monitor states it is going into "power saving Analog mode". But if I plug it back in, it goes black again. Every method I tried, I was sure to have any other graphics card taken out before trying it in case of a possible conflict. Oh.. and I did try taking the CMOS battery out and leaving it out awhile and tried resetting the CMOS jumper too to no avail.

Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!
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  1. I know it sound silly but it sounds like the "clr cmos" jumper is on
  2. silly question you have the 24 pin in right but did you also plug the 4 pin plug in on motherboard(sometimes these are a 8 pin plug that needs to be pulled apart(leave one hang beside plug)i only asked this cos i had same issue on last build i built and it took me 45 mins to click.\\PS look closly it dosent look like it comes apart but it does.
  3. New builds are never fun to troubleshoot. Try using just one RAM module at a time and see if that helps (dual channel mode will not work with just one but the actual DIMM should still function). Also make sure both of the RAM modules are installed in the same color sockets. Do you get any error beeps from the motherboard?

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  4. Are you getting any POST beeps or error beeps after turning the system on?

    You said the monitor works fine on other computers - have you tried another monitor on this computer? Not likely a monitor issue, but worth checking just in case...
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