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Hello everybody. Something has been bothering me all day about my Internet connection. I am presently downloading a game from file planet, but the speed is only averaging 35 kbps - very slow. Thing is that my connection is very fast broadband. There are also no other applications hogging bandwidth.

Other users are recording 300 - 600 kbps to download the same file.

Has anyone got an idea what the problem could be - it is really frustrating.

Many thanks, P
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  1. is it just this site or all sites that get slow downloads. I have cable broadband and sometimes I get slow connections also. I just cancel the download and either try another mirror or just try redownloading it. Most of the time I will get a faster connection.
    Also if there are a lot of people on that server then it will be slow.

    Goto pc pitstop and test your speed.
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