$500 Canadian upgrade?(cpu,ram,mobo)

Can someone recommend a $500 Canadian upgrade?


Thanks....High end CPU not required as it can be upgraded later.
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  1. BUMP
  2. How much is that in US dollars. Im guessing its not alot so this is something i would recomend that is cheap: btw do u plan on OCing,

    intel core 2 duo E6300
    Gigabyte S3
    corsair 1gb value ram 667mhz
  3. The parts are 5 to 10% more up here in Canadian Dollars. As far as the ocing, I'd hhave to get a little help in that area. System would be used for gaming, do I need Dual Cores for that?

  4. I think what i recomended is good enough for your needs. You said for gaming so you might want to get 2 gigs ram in dual channel and your right Gaming doesnt depend much on the processor. Im guessing you have a gfx card.
  5. Video card will be purchased separately. How reliable are Gigabyte mobos? Have you ever had one?
  6. well actually i have a DS3 mobo but im still waiting for the AS5 to install the cpu :( but yeah theyre very good
  7. How much diffence is there between the latest chipsets? I don't need sli.
  8. I have an "in" at canadacomputers and can get a cool deal on E6300 and Mobo for about $300 CDN...offer is made by Intel to CanadaComputers employees.

    let me know.
  9. Which Mobo would that come with?
  10. Hi Pintail,
    Hey my Mum was born in Winnipeg. You guys already got winter I hear...
    Okay, the memory is a big expense for you - you can get whatever CPU + mobo, but memory is expensive! So in Canadian $$ we can spec a nice quality gamer platform for you for $550:
    Intel Core2 E6300 CPU - $215.
    ABit/Asus/Gigabyte P965 mobo - $175.
    2 x 512MB OCZ PC2-5400 (SpecialOps) - $160.
    This is good-quality stuff, take your pick of mobo mfg. because cost is similar.
    In a perfect world you would invest in 2 x 1024MB but that will blow your budget right out of the water.
    Here is a good Canadian link for you, so you can check sharp Cdn pricing (or I guess they will mail-order too):
    But trust me, support your local computer shop if you are able - one day you're certain to be glad you did.
  11. Winter with a VENGEANCE!!!
    heres where I go compare Canadian Prices:Price Network

    Local stores not very competitive. I have a Computer Avenue less than 6 Blocks away, but no deals usually.

    BTW, Where u live now?
  12. 6300 and the Gigabyte S3. Get some OCZ Gold 667 RAM and you should be within budget and good to go......800 RAM if you can get a deal....doubt it though.

    With the S3 and that RAM, you should be able to overclock the snot out of the 6300, hit 3.0 ghz on stock.

    If you can get that deal from Canada Computers then great, if not then go to:


    Cheaper prices than CC (sorry dude, it's true), PLUS if you're outside of British Columbia then you don't have to pay the PST....just GST only ;) That'll save you approx. $40 to use on RAM :D
  13. The mobo is intel...I do not have more details yet.
    If you are interested let me know and I will get the info from my "in" at canadacomputers.com

    Cheers. Eh.
  14. what is the difference with these?


  15. bornking, I am Interested...lemme know details. Thanks
  16. PRICE ;)

    Seriously, they're the same board (even Gigabyte admits it), except that the DS3 has solid-state capacitors. This will prolong the lifespan of the board. However, the S3 will last longer than the lifetime of your system anyways, so if you plan on keeping your rig longer than 5 years, get the DS3. They overclock THE SAME. Otherwise, just go for the S3 and save the extra money. Put that money, along with saving the PST into getting more/better RAM ;) Get 800 if possible within budget. If not, get some decent 667 RAM, don't get the Value Series crap. Get some Corsair, OCZ, G.Skill, Super Talent or the like....whatever you can afford, probably just 1 gig. Depends if you have a preference, but entirely on your budget.

    Here are some options, best bang-for-buck for the good stuff here in Canada:





    If you order everything together from Direct Canada, you'll also likely get free shipping ;)

    But seriously, shop around. Check NCIX (usually cost more though), Canada Computers (might get lucky).

    I have the 6300, S3, and 2x1024 OCZ Platinum DDR2 800..........OC'd to 3.0 ghz at less than stock vCore. Temps are great, stable 24 hours in Prime 95 dual instances..........and runs like a cheetah ;)
  17. Wow..Thanks for the Links...
  18. Not a prob 8)

    Let us know what you get!!
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