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Hey guys! I was looking at buying a notebook for college and I currently have an alienware computer that is still fast, but I cant really survive college without a laptop. I realize that windows vista supports DX10, but I also realize that there will be no DX10 notebook cards for a while. Considering the fact that I still like to game and such, I dont want to buy a notebook with a DX9 card when those new games and vista will be comming out that support DX10. I also cant upgrade my laptop, because... well its a laptop. So I dont want to buy already "old" technology. Any suggestions? To wait or not to wait? I currently have an AMD 64 4000+ Processor with an old 128MB ATI 9800 Pro.
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  1. I bet that there will be an announcement for an 8800gtx go within a month. I got my 7800gtx go very soon after the desktop version was released (can't quite remember how fast but pretty fast). Wait as long as you can... once your time is up the 7800gtx go is still a pretty good card, enough to handle FEAR at 1920 x 1024 and 40-50 fps on high settings.
  2. do you know where I can find benchmarks for notebook graphics cards? Tomshardware has the best for desktops i've noticed, but I dont think they have notebook benchmarks... any help is much appreciated!
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