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Hi i had this idea and i don't know why no sites have not done it so far as it would be such a great help to those who want to build there own computer or upgrade an existing one.

Its simply this an online series of drop boxes that let you select different components and an analyze button that tells you how that build will turn out.

The first box is the PSU power supply unit as it powers everything.
Nest is the motherboard as this sets what type of components you can attach to it.
The CPU is next.
Then the ram a drop box for each one.
The graphics card is next i guess
Then the other slots for stuff like sound cards and other cards.
The last boxes would be for drives as many boxes as the motherboard supports.

After building the rig you want or have press the analyze button and it tells you below the list how it fares are there any problems like a power shortage or a ram problem and other things.

A lot of the comparison is simply math from available data sources.

If this already exists can someone show me a link other wise it would be a great addition to the site.

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  1. This is not easily done due to the fact that there are things always changing and too many variations.
  2. Hmmm well if you update it say once a month you can keep up with the changes and you don't have to program in every variation just forums that work with the data provided.

    For example the first one is the PSU there are not that many out there compared to other components and also they do not vary that much they just supply power.

    So if select a psu from the drop down box lets say a 500w one and you have a graphics card selected that draws 550 minimum when you click analyse it will come up as that as problem.

    Or if the total components draw more than 500w a simple formula that if all the components is > than the power supplied by the psu then display the error message insufficient power.

    Its just data and programing I would not say it would be easy but i think it would be do able.
  3. The maintenance would be horrendous. If if was merely checking compatibility (excluding power requirements etc, just things like "will it plug in?") then it wouldn't be too hard. However, to go more in-depth and keep it regularly updated would require a part-time job dedicated to the task :)
  4. Hmm horrendous maintenance lots of man hours with no pay off for something that is useful but not necessary? Sounds like an open source job to me lol

    I submit it to sourceforge and see if anyone is will to take up the project.

    Thanks for the replys
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