Local File Access Restricted on XP Workstations

I may have posted this probelm earlier but I have a more detailed explanation for the problem. Still no solution though.

Since creating roaming profiles I am unable to do a Nortons Virus update on the workstation. I have access to all required shares on the 2003 Server but restricted access on the workstation its self.

If I log on to the local computer after hitting Ctrl, Alt & Del instead of the DC which is a 2003 Server it all works fine. But if I log on to the DC I get a LU1815 error. Unable to access a file.

I'm sure it's because when I'm logged on to the DC I don't have access to the old folder under Docs and Settings for this user. There is a new profile in the D & S folder with the same name with the dot 2003 server name on the end of it.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. It's driving me nuts. It seems everything is working except for the local PC access restrictions.

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  1. Take ownership.. your profiles are screwed up though.

    You should log in locally as administrator.. you should not have a local account named the same as the one on the DC.
  2. This occurs even on a workstation with a new profile setup with no other profile of the same name??

    Thanks for your input!!

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