p5n32-SLI Premium: hot cpu after 0503 BIOS update

My baseline no-activity CPU (E6700) temp was around 39 C before the BIOS update, now it stays around 50. I can get it down to 45 if the fan is maxed out. Could the reading now be inaccurate? Or possibly the BIOS changed some voltage setting that makes it run hotter?

The new BIOS is definitely more stable than the previous one,
which crashed whenever I burned DVDs, and also crashed
Memtest86 and Windows Memory Diagnostic.
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  1. maybe the old bios thermal algorthm has been updated to reflect more accurate numbers when you did that bios flash.
  2. I guess I was assuming this temperature was abnormally high for idle, but maybe not. Thanks.
  3. it is still alittle high. but that sounds more accurate as there are many people who has those temp settings.
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